On the advice of the world

Sometimes it seems that we try to discover any systems, programs, policies, and frameworks from masochistic pleasure to be cramped and limited, that God forbid did not have to decide because yourself do not trust. Your body do not trust, do not trust his taste, thoughts its not trust, if they are not supported by someone else other outlined in the book, preferably science and Tolstoy.

Believe those who say louder, will explain more convincing, add pictures and quite good, if in the end I will add: I know they say you can trust me. Incidentally, I also really love the final twist, this "signed with blood, sweat and tears" experience. Because it gives much more clear direction than "it depends". Or "in General, it happens in different ways." Or this, the lamest – "the choice is yours". Turn around and nobody's there. And what to do is unclear.



So – like turn-based strategy, clearly itemized statements that you can rewrite in a notebook, print out, hang on the fridge and follow them. Or not to follow, but at least know what these tools are, and they are reliable.


And the more confidence to the person who said it, the clearer he formulated his thoughts, the less you want to admit into consciousness the idea that he might be wrong. Because "I want to believe". Someone, in something or in General, because faith in yourself is critical is not enough.


I'm not talking about narcissism say ("Sitting in a course on the fight against narcissism. I'm the most beautiful"), not about boldly-Borzoi "I'm the best, just the fact", and that we sometimes (me too!) lacks basic self-esteem – your feelings, thoughts, ideas, solutions and dreams, time and personal space. And because so incredibly important to learn to allow consciousness doubts and ask yourself – Hey, I really want to live as live one who tells me what to do? His knowledge and formulated a thesis – it's about life or about the ability to put the right words? He says because he knows what he says, or because you can not talk?

Mom, dad, relatives and complete strangers commentators from forums, friends, coaches and teachers, colleagues and public advisers are there words their personal stories of roads traveled and paths, errors and defeats, the losses and gains at its expense? Or is it General arguments, thinking aloud, for which there is neither happiness nor money, nor pleasure, nor business, nor the saved family, no really cool level of professional competence?

The temptation to preserve the moment of achievement is immense. And to deny modifications to those who inspired and were an example, too. Let it always remain the same slim, happy, successful and young, as now, but I'll watch and be inspired. But it does not happen. We're not flies in amber we are alive and tender. Nobody's example is not the truth in the last instance, the eleventh biblical commandment, a view which cannot be challenged. Because it is possible. Because there are seven billion of us, and we are fighting side and holding hands, burned to the ground and be reborn, several times a life changing skin, and from stupidity to enlightenment one step.



What I'm getting at: let's add life to awareness. To track the desire to pass on to someone else responsible for the consequences, learn to stay happy, to understand the failure of criticism. Let's look for tools, not idols.

Not a landscape designer, who will create the "Alpine slide turnkey", and seedlings that protestation in our garden, because only we know how we all used there soil and pollen which we're allergic, and what flowers we just don't like you because of "bad memories" and everything.

Let's not deny myself the pleasure themselves to dig deeper in the ground to get dirty in the soil, to squeal because of the rain worms, ask ladybugs bread, to ask about the kids, to straighten tired by the evening back to praise yourself. You may be able to find once buried a fools coin. And then remember that you're the one they once so diligently buried. Neighing with yourself.


Listen, but always leave a gap between – in order to penetrate the miracles another not tasted, not described. To see – but always keep in mind the possibility of illusion. Each "should"prisobachit this important sequel "to whom?" and to believe themselves more than themselves, then to not go in tears, in snot and consequences because "didn't fit", "did not fit" and "didn't work".


I believe more stories than tips. I'm awfully curious to see how good people come out of difficult situations, how honest and decent they recognize as not trying to lie to "save face", to God forbid, with a gilt image, not sprinkle. Well, because the "human, all too human" so close, so clear, so about me...

Remember, when standing before the choice to tell "honest" or "beautiful".

Carefully oncovirinae amber from the ones you love. published

Author: Olga Primachenko

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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