Why is it IMPORTANT to develop in children their own opinion

One of the hardest things in life is to learn to say "no", especially if you're a kid and refuse to have your friends and classmates in kindergarten or classmates at school. But if several people, for whatever reasons, insist on the same, how not to agree? How not to be afraid to be a dork or a fool in the eyes of buddies?

The kids love to read, discuss characters and their actions, to try the situation on myself. This is an important part of our family life, our parenting. The other day was going, as usual, to honor Martha, the owner, took the wonderful Alan Milne. But my five year old daughter is not too happy about my choice, wrinkled up her nose and said, "well, it's not interesting." "How do you know? We haven't read?" "Me and Lena with Olga said not interested and better to watch the cartoon". These are the times girlfriend said.


It is important not to respond in the style most educators and teachers in our childhood: "And you've got your head isn't it?", "And if all you say from the bridge to jump, you listen to, go and jump?". Try to explain to a child why here, on the contrary need to read exactly what you need. Only then will he be able either to agree with your friends: "Yes, the story is boring, the characters and their adventures is not interesting" or Vice versa does not agree: "and I liked it, good story, funny characters".

It will be interesting with your friends if you know what they tell you who's the hero or the villain, what happens in the story. You can cite examples that not always the same friends all the same – that candy you like different, you're on a bike, and her on the rollers. And if he did not try, I do not know what and how, you miss many interesting things.

We have friends is not always the same books, movies or music is not something that is considered to be your favorite, but even just seem interesting to us. It's natural, we are all different, and affect us is not the same thing. But to return a verdict of any works, the more so categorical, you need first to read, watch, listen. Only then you will have the right to their opinion – it is on his own. After all, your friends ' opinions – it is their opinion, their perception.

Therefore, reading children books, watching movies or discussing any situation, always ask their opinion, to accustom them to the fact that their opinion is important and exciting for you and for friends. That is true and best. For those who does not respect your interests and not friends, just acquaintances or friends, and deprive themselves of the opportunity to learn or try something new because their opinions do not need.


Who children want to be when you grow up? Famous, successful, the best bankers, actors, or racers. And they can be if there's a lot to know and, if they are to know and do if they believe in themselves.

Just try to imagine together with your child, believing the most that physics or biology is incredibly boring and uninteresting, to control the plane – too difficult to read a lot – is absolutely useless, no one wants to check it out in your own experience? A number of only necessary and pleasant, we would have lost!

No one denies that we need to listen to the opinions of others – not all of course, and who love and respect you people, but it is imperative to have your own opinion based on my own experience and knowledge. Otherwise, not so much their children's lives, but mainly grown-up will be much less interesting and varied. published

Author: Tutta Larsen

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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