Five exercises that can replace a complete workout

Functional training gives You the kind of power that transformirovalsya in endurance. This is the best way to deal with them for each person who wants to stay in shape, but not ready to spend a lot of time in the gym. It will be useful to all but professional bodybuilders — but before you do not have a goal to hit all the millions of the muscles of the podium, right?

Power required you in everyday life. And get it just don't work under a heavy barbell in the gym, and practicing measured, with cleverness program. We have prepared for you five exercises that will be able to replace a full gym workout.

T-shaped push-UPS

Develop: chest muscles, triceps, deltoid muscle
Number of sets: 3
The number of repeats: 8 on each hand
Rest between repetitions: 45 seconds

So, take the original position as in a regular push-UPS. After completing the lift, lift and lift your left arm up. Hold for a few seconds, slowly return to the rest position and repeat the exercise, lifting up, this time the right hand. To enhance the effect, use dumbbells. Remember, elbows should not stick to the sides and core muscles better to strain all the time of repetition. Do not make too strong jerk a twist of the wrist.


Develop: core muscles and hips
Number of sets: 3
Number of repetitions:12 for each leg
Rest between repetitions: 30 seconds

The exercise is performed from the same rest position. Right leg slowly off the floor and slowly pulled a knee to the chest. Without lifting the knee from the chest, touch your toe. Then come back to rest position and repeat the same with left leg. Take your time, perform each movement slowly, try to feel the muscles involved.

Some burpees

Develop: increase stamina and burn fat
Number of sets: 3
Number of repetitions: 15
Rest between repetitions: 1 minute

This is a very effective exercise to perform which can even beginners. From a squat position (hands in front of you on the floor), jump legs back. The body must take the emphasis lying, as in the push-up. Do push-UPS and then go back to the initial squat. From here jump up as high as possible, reaching with both hands.

Static squats

Develop: the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and bark
Number of sets: 3
Number of repetitions: 15
Rest between repetitions: 40 seconds

Static exercises are very good in principle: even the emphasis on certain muscles of the body do not prevent them to use the resources of the organism as a whole. Static squats, or hold in the posture of a squat, performed in exactly the same way as regular squats. Only at the bottom adds a delay of 5-10 seconds.


Developing: involved in almost all the muscles of the body
Number of sets: 3
Number of repetitions: 10 on each hand
Rest between repetitions: 90 seconds

For this exercise you will need a sledgehammer and a car tire are securely mounted to the ground. Get in "fighting" stance (left leg forward, slightly sideways) grip handle — left hand in front, wide. Try to engage not only hand muscles but also the whole body. However, over time, the body will teach you to connect them yourself. published



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