How to earn in crisis: uncovering the production of sandwiches

The tradition of "Fast food" in our country, only gaining momentum. Economists say annual growth of this segment of the market by more than 20%. For example, in England according to statistics, a third of Britons consume sandwiches (for ang. sandwich) at least once a day.
The rapid growth of the market of sandwich in England began in 1990 and today the range of sandwiches sold there are very diverse. Competition on the Russian market for the production of sandwiches is still at a low level, but it is only a matter of time. The profitability of production of sandwiches is estimated at 40-50%.


What is the advantage of sandwiches in front of the other fast food:

Sandwiches sold in packaged form, therefore, cause greater consumer confidence and the consumption do not stain the hands;
— Sell sandwiches can be a variety of ways from sale at the place of preparation, to implementation through vending machines;
— The price of the sandwich is lower than for example meat or hamburger, then the sandwich is available for a wider range of consumers.

Registration activities

For implementation, it is sufficient to register the individual enterprise, but in some cases it may be advisable to open a legal entity.

The room

For production you will need a room area of 100 m2. Rent this area provides monthly fixed costs of 50 thousand rubles depending on the region (Moscow region more expensive). It is important to note that not every room is suitable. Since this production, the regulatory authorities in the form of SES are specific requirements of such enterprises. Thus, the height of the ceilings in the production area must be at least 3 meters, walls should be whitewashed, required the presence of controlled ventilation, constant water supply.


As in any food production it is necessary to create a large staff of qualified professionals. Depending on the scale of production will need to employ the following employees:

— Technologist;
— Baker;
— Packer;
— Handyman;
— Accountant;
— The sales Manager;

The total payroll of such staff will be no less than 200 thousand rubles per month. Plus 30% of this Fund must pay to the social funds (pension Fund and social insurance Fund).


Review the list of necessary equipment for the production of sandwiches.

1. The installation of a mini-bakery for baking bread. This equipment is not required, if will be purchased ready-made bread (by agreement with the bakery). However, the benefits of the in-house bakery will be in the fact that it will be possible to monitor the whole production process, independently form the range and taste of products.

The list of equipment for bread baking include:

— mucoperiostal;
— water dispenser;
— proofing chamber;
rotary Cabinet;
— shopping carts, forms for bread.

The cost of the equipment for mini-bakery starts from 300 thousand rubles If purchased automatic line, the costs can be more than 2 million rubles.

2. Equipment for cutting pieces of bread into square pieces the thickness of 1-1,2 cm slicers starts from 150 thousand rubles.

3. Desktops, where the operators lay the stuffing in cut pieces of bread and form a sandwich ready. Next, the sandwich is cut in half triangular shape and it turns a sandwich. As the fillings used meat, fish, sausage, mushrooms, cheese, vegetables, etc.

4. The equipment for packing the finished sandwiches. This process can be carried out manually, which will significantly reduce the initial investment, but will increase in subsequent ongoing cost of labor or sold thermoforming packaging machine for the packaging of sandwiches, but there are such lines from 1.5 million rubles. Therefore, the choice to automate this process or not depends on the size of investment in the business, the planned volume of production, etc.

5. Finished goods storage and other equipment. For the storage of finished products you need to purchase a cooling chamber. Other equipment necessary for the production include: knives, scales: platform / commodity, racks, slicers, washing tubs, cutting boards, Gastronorm containers, etc.

You should also purchase at least one car, to deliver products to points of sale. Ideally, it requires the purchase of several cars as the delivery of products to retail outlets need to exercise daily, because sandwiches are a perishable product. Delivery of ready-made sandwiches start in the morning, and the maximum number of outlets on one route no more than 50.

Total upfront costs at the start of the project in several ways:

1. The complete set of equipment and automation of industrial processes ranging from baking bread to pack sandwiches – invest investments from 5 million. This plant is ableto produce more than 5000 units of products. It also includes the creation of its own fleet to deliver sandwiches to points of sale. Large investments require large volumes of production and coverage of regional markets;

2. The option of a private mini-bakery – from 1 million rubles. It is assumed that the whole production cycle is maintained by the workers (manual labour), ranging from bread baking, to packaging production and delivery to points of sale. This option is designed for small production volumes — up to 500 sandwiches a day;

3. The option to purchase the finished bread — 600 thousand roubles. This is the cheapest option to run the project. The production process will be fully serviced manual labor without automation. Baking bread will be on a contract with a third party.


The assortment of sandwiches may include:

Meat sandwich (ham, sausage, chicken, bacon) with herbs;

— Cheese sandwich;

Sandwich with fish (pink salmon, chum salmon, tuna);

— Shrimp sandwich.

The sandwiches can be made via:

— Own outlets, such as kiosks, vending trailers, vending trucks;

— Through the conclusion of supply contracts of products in the buffets and snack bars;

— Sales of sandwiches through vending machines installed in shopping centres, bus and railway stations, schools, Universities, cinemas, petrol stations, airports, etc. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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