How to provide her family with crops grown from literally 10 potatoes

They say that this way you can provide a family of three crops grown literally 10 potatoes.

We need to take a bag, pour one or two buckets of earth and put him in 1 — 2 potatoes, put in a Sunny place and watered. Then – worth the wait when the tuber will go up and he shoots appear.

And then you just have to periodically pour land and water. And so the filling of the bag earth. The growth of the stolon, underground escape, it formed tubers along the entire height of the bag.

Keep these bags have in a Sunny spot and thoroughly watered, as the sun quickly dry out the bag! So that water is retained in the bag, it is better to use plastic from under the sugar or flour. Can be watered from the top.

But it is better to make so: in the center of the bag to lower the hose with pre-cut holes, one end is at the bottom of the bag, the second output. Water is poured through the upper end, for convenience, you can insert something like a funnel.

Try this method to plant potatoes in bags! published



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