Technology of growing strawberries

Strawberries, varieties of which are quite diverse (curly strawberries, Everbearing Kiev, Ox, etc) can be grown on "plantations" from a few square meters, and more opportunities. This can be a non-residential room, garage, shed, etc.


For growing strawberries plastic bags are used in larger sizes. Bags must be welded from white (transparent) polyethylene film whose thickness is 0.2 mm, the Bag is filled with substrate. As substrate you can use a mixture of perlite and peat. One end of the bag should be sealed. You can buy ready-made bags. Bag size is, in principle, can be any, but the only recommendation — small diameter of the bag. Such conditions will allow to place more bags in the same area, and maintain productivity.


The bags are placed directly on the floor, at a certain distance from each other. You can place the bags in tiers (if the room height allows). Top bags fixed in addition, since the average weight of "portions" of the bag with the substrate 30kg. Bags planted seedlings. Prerequisite regular moistening of the substrate (2l/bag per day) nutrient solution.


The main secret of the method — a method of storing seedlings, allowing for 7-10 months to keep it without any negative consequences. If you follow the rules of detention, then the seedlings will retain their vitality, genetic resistance, and most importantly productivity! And the yield of this method, I must say, is impressive: in compliance with all requirements of the methodology allows to collect up to 35—40kg from 1 sq. m.!

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