In case of the APOCALYPSE: How to assemble a "panic bag"

Imagine that there was a zombie Apocalypse, and your bag for emergency situations were lost, stolen, or you had somewhere to quit. Not the most cheerful prospect, isn't it?

If you will use a special three-stage approach for the collection of alarm set, the hope is that you will not be left empty handed, whatever may have occurred.

Disturbing set (or "alarming suitcase", "alarming backpack" as it is called) is the set of things prepared in advance in case of an emergency, when an urgent need to pack up and move to another place.


The first step you should lay down your "panic bag" those items that will provide you with the Autonomous existence with little effort. It's about the same that you put in backpack when go camping, plus, perhaps, guns for self-protection and communications equipment.


A set of things collected in the second stage, may be stored in multiple bags: waist, chest, hip and others. It all depends on their volume. The key is to use what you're comfortable with, but remember that sometimes the special military tactical gear can attract unwanted attention.

In this compartment of your anxious set should lie with additional tools for survival, not occupying a large volume.

In the first stage you put a sleeping bag on the second place a survival blanket instead of a few bottles of water — empty the chamber for water and disinfectant tablets.

Fill these bags with small items like lighters, compass, folding knife, content of a first aid kit and a small metal mug.

This set will be fastened to your body, even if you have to part with the bag.


And finally, the third phase of the collection — the set EDC (Everyday carry items that are used daily). This is your insurance against "Murphy's law", which can be formulated as: if there is a possibility that some trouble may happen, it will happen. This includes a pocket knife, flashlight, multifunction knife, and everything else that is convenient to carry in pockets. It will remain with you, even if all the other things you lose.published


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