The eternal theme - Parking

Sent us this angry letter Lelik. Then the text: "Lord, well, until we tolerate this lawlessness? I have always said that the blond blonde strife! But the case sent me into shock! So, in order. I arrived with the girl in the movie theater "October", the one on Novy Arbat. Well, as in Arbat wheelbarrow especially not deliver, then had to turn into the lane and throw the car (2110) there. Returning found the following picture ... Judge for yourself. I put it mildly, ohrenel! I can only add that to go from there does not seem possible! On the one hand road sign, firmly bolted to the pavement, on the other hand a high parapet. I specifically for him buried when the machine is not to obstruct the passage behind me. And what do you think? When this Barbie is back, then my reasonable question: "What's @ I parkueshsya you so? !!" I was dumbfounded response: "I normally park, and here you are - no!" Or something like that ... "As the saying goes:" The people must know its heroes »



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