Remembering childhood

He remembered his childhood.

Something remembered carbide. Remember this stone was, it was used in gas welding machines. In the water and toss it releases flammable gas.
ETOGES was the most convenient thing for razvlencheniya:
1. Take a plastic bytylku. Fill it with water, throw a few stones carbide. Tightly screw cap. We set near a busy road waste and look. As the bottle burst and sprayed with one thread. gygygy.
2. Take the bottle from under the use of dichlorvos. remove the part where the sprayer is attached. make a hole in the side of 4 mm. throw pebbles nesklko korbida. Spit into a large hole, shaking. Trays spichku to a small hole. Volley.

And the theme ...

... Throw vials and bottles of dichlorvos and the like in the fire ... Toko move necessary. Or gas sprays for the siphon which makes soda.
And the theme spizdet father kapsudi and blow their cartridges. But if the subject kkapsuley much you can grab pizdyuley ogresti nehily belt ...
And do Pugachi topic. But you can sear a person. and this shit quill-sharpened painful ... especially in the first grade ...
And the theme was bought at the pharmacy and do the wiring slingshot. Of wood or thick alyubinivoy wire. And strilyat the legs.
And the theme was to smear the board with soap or candle. But it is 100% pizdoff by the head teacher.
And the theme tyrit market melons. And then in a kindergarten near the house to sit and have their company.
And the theme steal pieces of cable to the telephone exchange, and then melt lead in tins.
And the theme of setting fire politilenovye bottle. And dripping lights. Home On the other hand did not drop (the scar looked at his hand STA)
And the theme to measure the depth of puddles when you go home from school. Toko puddle can okazatsya pit and textbooks in the knapsack will pezdos.
And the topic in a bag to take home and pies all day to leave the river. Zvtemno come home. Get a scolding from parents and poyti sleep.
And the theme to take the bait, worms, a couple of pieces of bread with cucumber and go at 4 am on a fishing trip out of town (and now our children do not know this)
There was also the theme to go fishing, nalvait bucket of crayfish - think "nah me the horrors" and return home to throw them.
And the theme of the morning with his father fishing or duck hunting.
And the topic buy nipple (rubber shit! And not what you morons think). Dial it with water from the column. and a sprinkling of it, or to let the Rocket in the air. Successful nipple vmeschyaet couple of liters of water. What's good enough for the other flow coating.
And the theme was taken or've stole radio school in an electrolytic capacitor. charge it in the socket and hit hard by comrades. Electroshock resting
And the subject was taken to the bank distribute carbide shake. podumamt "Choteau does not take off the cover," a look at the cover. Immediately get poiblu this cover. In eyes with a mixture of water with carbide. And pizdovat wash gloza home. And then they are surprised chozh hurt

I had a happy childhood. Despite the fact that it was difficult.

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