How to build an Adobe house own hands

Adobe is a kind of building material, which is based on clay and straw. That is what he recognized as the environment-friendly material. To build a house of Adobe you can with your hands, because the cost of such a structure are minimal. Adobe is a natural battery, accumulating heat from the environment day and gave it the interiors of the house at night.Adobe house under force to everyone to build or having a special experience, and not investing significant funds.

Adobe house: TechnologyBefore you start building a house, you need to prepare the Adobe. This is best done in the spring, then in summer the house will be dry. Prepare all components and get them in the following ratio: 5 parts clay, 4 parts water, and 3 parts each — straw, wood chips, gravel, sand. Carefully vymeshivayut. Form to dry Adobe blocks made from hardwood timbers.

Preparatory phase – planning

The basis of the future construction is the plan that in the future will be all work, so this step should be taken seriously.

First, remembering the lessons of drawing, make a drawing of the house, showing schematically a view from the outside, the interior, do not forget about such important details as Windows, doors, internal partitions. Secondly, moving on to budgeting, where we paint all future costs, trying not to miss anything.

Third, choose the place for construction of houses. Ideally, if it will be located near the pond. Try to choose a place away from the noisy and dusty roads.

The stage of pouring the Foundation of an Adobe houseAdobe house is built on one of two types of foundations: 1) tape, 2) reinforced concrete.

On reinforced concrete Foundation construction in which the basement or ground floor. To pour is the Foundation of the house, dig a trench with the specified parameters, and fill it reinforced slabs.

If the property does not have a basement, then apply a Foundation and perform the following steps:

  • be sure to align the construction site;
  • prepare a ditch with a depth greater at 10 cm depth of soil freezing in this place;
  • removed the fertile layer of soil, using the soil from the ditch;
  • mount communication pipe passing through this station;
  • preparing sand cushion of coarse sand;
  • leveled the entire area;
  • at the final stage carried out the grouting of concrete on which a waterproofing materials.
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The stage walls of Samangan noted above, the process of building an Adobe house is quite simple, would be material and desire. After the stage of pouring the Foundation the next step is raising the walls. The walls will be built of Adobe. He, in turn, is of the following types:

  • Easy. To create it requires only straw and clay. There are opinions about the availability of this building material, as it is quite cheap. But it also has a minus – the smaller the possibility of accumulation and loss of heat.
  • Heavy. Its manufacturing is clay, straw and sand. Accordingly, this type of Adobe has higher cost, but has better physical qualities.

With Adobe figured out now to the technology of raising the walls. There are three ways of Adobe construction:

  • The first method is widely spoken, as it is similar to the technology of masonry. First formed Adobe bricks-blocks. Be careful with the manufacture: the units must be the same size. Then blocks are put in the classical way, based on the cement mortar. Important point: for waterproofing is placed edged Board, where you then place the initial row of Adobe blocks.
  • The second method is harder than the first, but also quite often used and requires keeping the flatness of the walls and corners. The method includes driving the block in a casing, which is of concrete and reinforced concrete. So, bricks-blocks hammered into the formwork, after which she immediately removed. Remaining after removal of the formwork voids are filled with insulation material or supporting framework.
  • The third method is simple, but requires specific skills, additional training. Following this technology creates a monolithic masonry made of clay blocks. The advantage is that no matter the adherence to right angles, and it gives a flight of fancy of the Builder with the layout of the house. One small advice – do not smooth the surface of the walls, as this will lead to the closure of pores, through which the dry Adobe blocks.
Installation of Windows and doors in the Adobe houseFor complete drying built of Adobe requires a fairly long period of time, after which there is a 7% shrinkage of the structure. That's why experienced professionals do not advise to embed the Windows and doors in the Adobe building, not waiting for it is completely dry. Otherwise, the doors and Windows are likely covered with cracks.

To save the door or window opening is inserted the block, preserving the original size of the opening as the shrinkage of the Adobe houses.

Step installation in home

To move to the final stage of construction of Adobe houses need to lay flooring. An optimum variant – installation of monolithic solid base that doesn't need special care. It does not leave spots, it is difficult to scratch.

The process of laying the floor consists of the following stages:

Step 1: As you may recall, the Foundation was closed with waterproofing material. Now it is placed to the cutting Board, which is appreciated for excellent physical characteristics.

Step 2: Fill the Board with gravel and expanded clay.

Step 3: Select the way in which we will lay the floor: a) cast, b) trebovaniem.

Most often used method to cast a floor, it we consider. The solution is to cast the floor is prepared for the manufacture of Adobe, but it takes more sand and gravel. To test the strength of the solution fill a test tube, a small section. The main difficulty when you knead the clay, is finding the right proportion, followed in order to avoid cracking of the floor surface.

Describe the process of casting cast floor:

— using the mixer knead the solution on the manufacture of Adobe blocks, but with lots of straw. Ready mixture should be thick, similar to Pirozhkova dough.

— Find 2 boards, 5 cm thick, and put them, stepping back from the wall 65 cm

The space between the boards, fill with solution, well level using an aluminum wedge.

— Carefully remove the Board, moving to a new location.

— Repeat the previous steps to complete filling of the entire surface of the floor.

It'll take a week to harden produced by the base layer. The second layer of floor is poured in the same way, with only two changes – take the Board with 3 cm thickness and use to mortar the chopped straw. The third time will take the boards 2 cm thick, to obtain a smooth floor will prepare a smooth solution.

The step of selecting a roof for a house of AdobeIn Adobe buildings using classical or mansard roof type. In the classic version under the roof is non-insulated attic and floors. In a more recent version, roof type, provide insulation as attic and floor, while enlarging the living space.

The final stage of construction

At the last stage of the work carried out and connect the communication. Compulsory works is the finish: internal, external. External finishes that comply with the use of plaster, applied in several layers. For the interior walls are covered with paint, pasted with Wallpaper or tiles.

Following the technology of construction, you will be able to build a home of the own Adobe in a short time. We hope that our article will help you to master all the main stages of construction from Adobe. published


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