What you need to know that massage has not been in vain

Excessive nervousness, physical discomfort on the table, tickling can become obstacles to a good massage. Sometimes these obstacles are insurmountable; however, it is possible to find ways around them.

Here are a few life-saving tools and countermeasures that you need to know.

Nervousness during a massage has many forms and varieties. Some people are nervous about having to be in the Nude. Fortunately it is easy to handle.

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The first simple method is to put a towel on the buttocks when massaged lying on their stomachs, and genitals, when he lies on his back; a second towel can be put on the chest of a woman. The sheet can be used instead of towels or in addition to it. In this case, remains open only that part of the body that you are working on.

Third solution:underwear or swimsuit. No need to say that this extremely reduces the number of movements that you can do. However, the nudity loses its value if it makes the patient feel so uptight and nervous that he or she absolutely can not get pleasure from a massage.

Another form of nervousness during the massage — the fear and dislike of touch. This disease is usually accompanied by a fear of nudity, nevertheless differs from it and has a different origin, it is much harder to handle. It manifests itself in the extreme tension or odergivaniya parts of the body when touched, sometimes trembling, and sometimes direct refusal to continue the massage. A possible solution is to leave that part of the body that you are working on and go to the back. Back massage has an immediate calming effect.

To help overcome nervousness or excessive anxiety can breathing exercises. Invite the partner to concentrate on feeling the weight of his own body, of its severity. At this moment, please refrain from touching. The breathing should be smooth and deep. In this case, you must be on the side of the partner. After 1-2 minutes, place one hand at the base of the neck, under the occiput of the partner and the other on the stomach.

Carefully follow the breath massaged. At the moment of exhale, the hand lying at the edge of the ribs in the stomach area starts a little pressure, as it helps to blow air out. During inspiration the hand is slightly raised above the stomach and prevents it. The hand lifted, but not removed from the abdomen, contact with the body should be continuously maintained. This way you will be able seamlessly to the partner, not focusing his attention to make his breathing deeper and more even. Hand pressure should be continued a little longer than the exhalation. When you notice that the breath is deepened, move your hand a little lower. Gradually, you will help the partner to move to deep abdominal breathing and relax.

Now you can discover what the person perceives touch more relaxed, and you can continue to massage. If not, then try to do the same, a little longer. If you find it insufficient, try to put your hands on your head, shoulders, other body parts, while watching the breath and with each exhalation exerting light pressure with your hands. But if the voltage is massaged too much, then these techniques will not help.

During a good massage often there is a release of hidden emotions. For example, your client might start to cry. Stop the massage and let him cry as much as he wants. Usually after a few minutes of crying he wants to resume the massage and may feel the rest of the massage extremely calm.

Another phenomenon that is somewhat more unusual is an involuntary quiver. Sudden shaking, and flinching of the flesh, which can continue for several minutes, called the rapid release of energy which was formerly concentrated in shortened muscles and tissues.

This usually occurs in the abdomen or thighs, or both at the same time. In contrast to the more sharp wince occurring due to nervousness at the beginning of the massage, rocking, a very favorable physical and emotional relaxation, which should be considered as part of the massage.

Encourage client to this was, that he enjoyed this quiver and I was that scared him, and gave him to spread to other parts of the body. One hand rest on his shoulder, the nape of the neck or head, while the other very slowly and gently (i.e. without any pressure) continue to massage his body in places of podragivanija.

Help to extend it and the longer it continues, the more energy is released from the body. After all, he'll feel that wonderful combination of peace and liveliness, which, most likely, will stay with him for a few days.

Must take care the removal of physical discomfort on the massage table or the massage will be practically useless. There are two possible solutions: change is your massaged or what he is. For example, a pregnant woman cannot lie on your stomach, but can lie on your side during a back massage. Or, if the one who lies on his stomach, feels the pain turned into one of the sides of the neck can get rid of it, thanks placed under the head and under the upper breast pillow. Other problems can be solved the same way — the pillow can be of great help in such cases.


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And finally, tickling beach massage. Normally feel itchy when massaging the soles of the feet, sometimes on the abdomen or on the sides of the body and sometimes in the most unexpected places. The only solution is a strong push. Press very strongly — strongly enough, but without pain, and the tickling will disappear. If not — make one quick move across the sensitive area and move on.published  



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