Excite and encourage: where you live hormones

Where live different hormones and why we need them

All these vital substances more than 30. Today is about those that are responsible for our daily health and activity.


Also "made in" the pituitary gland. Hormone positive. Thanks to him we feel the love shortage drives in melancholy and anxiety.

Development is associated with positive emotions. Also on the increase is influenced by chocolate, bananas, avocado and products with selenium (an asparagus, zucchini, squash, celery).


"Place of birth" — pancreas. Turns carbohydrates into energy. Incorrect leads to the development of diabetes, vascular problems.

"Fast" carbohydrates (rolls, cakes) worsen insulin metabolism, "slow" (bread from a flour of a rough grinding, vegetables) — stimulate. Insulin — a hormone motion, after hours of study in fitness increases by 5 — 7%.


Formed in the adrenal glands. Protects against stress, stimulates the immune system, relieves spasms.

Help the synthesis of the amino acid tyrosine (its a lot of yogurt) and beta-carotene (do not give up carrot salads with vegetable oil).


Produced in the ovaries in women, testes in men. Thanks to him updated cells, the blood vessels retain elasticity, skin firmness.

It is important for the vitamin E (vegetable oils, cereals, beans) (spinach, pumpkin, beef liver, egg yolks), folic acid Vs (parsley, cabbage).


Produced by the pituitary gland. Is responsible for burning fat, muscle tone and strength of the joints. With its lack of muscles become flabby, sagging chest and tummy.

He needs: vitamin C, unsaturated fatty acids (herring, tuna, mackerel, fish oil), proteins (beef, Turkey, chicken, rice, soy, beans).


Produced by the thyroid. Excess leads to loss of weight, lack — to adiposity and intelligence decrease. When the imbalance plagued by chilliness, insomnia.

The cause of problems with thyroxine lack of iodine (its sources: sea Kale, seafood, iodized products).


Issued on-mountain by the kidneys. Controls vascular tone. He is a frequent culprit "renal" hypertension. The reason it "jumps" can be inflammation of kidney, violation of water-salt metabolism.

He was normal, we should have no more than 10 grams of salt per day (teaspoon), not to lean on the spicy, smoked and soda.


"Headquarters" hormone of masculinity, in the adrenal glands (at all) and testes (in men). Drawback makes irritable, decreases not only potency, but also overall body, spreading waist.

To increase the level will help products with zinc (beef, lean pork, lamb, crabs, oysters, mussels, pumpkin seeds).

FACT: Excite and encourage

In Greek hormones "stimulating" or "inducing" — are the mediators in the "communication" of organs to each other. To find out normal whether your endocrine system, you need to take a blood test for hormonal status.published

Author: Elena Ionova


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