After these exercises, will disappear 2 unpleasant phenomena that give away Your age

It is very important the health of the spine. Today we will talk about the importance of correct posture, and learn exercises to correct posture.

First, consider what we get from proper posture?

Fifty eight million seven hundred forty four thousand seven hundred seventy two

First use. The body gets an extra boost of energy, and considerable.

A second benefit. We have a healthier reproductive system (in the last article I wrote that falls into place with the uterus and kidney).

The third benefit.With proper posture, You look like a king, directly stand, right walk proudly and hold your head high and not feel any stiffness. About your body just forget it.

The fourth use.Purchased graceful gait. This is inevitable due to the fact that the spine itself can be overloaded, rather than shifting her to her feet. And then the legs - what?- that's right, fly!

You can still continue this list of benefits a healthy spine a lot.

And today I will give You two more recommendations:

The first recommendation. Learn "stretching cat".

Ninety five million five hundred thirty two thousand eight hundred twenty four

Just watch the cat as she kneads your body after sleep. Pay attention to all the details, as it is necessary to perform all the motion elements in the same sequence (and with the same pleasure), as does their cat!

Very good to do this exercise in bed after sleep. You may be surprised to find that You returned catlike!

By the way, with this exercise, more and the stomach is significantly reduced in size!


Second recommendation. Exercise "The Wall".

This method is uniquely simple. But the result is stunning. Also the Royal posture, You'll get a few centimeters extra tall! ( usually 2 to 4 cm).

How to perform the exercise.

Hug the wall so that Your head, shoulders, buttocks, calves, heels and elbows touched the wall. The belly is tucked up, chin raised.

Are in this position for about two minutes, and then, not looking up from the wall, do the following exercises:

  • First, lift the leg, bending it at the knee. Then slowly return to the starting position.
  • Do the same movement for the left leg.
  • Tearing from sex only heels, do three squats.
Then step away from the wall (keep your posture!) and make a few bends: 2 bevel to the sides and one forward and backward.

This exercise should be done every day, at least 2 times. More is possible, less not.

And you know, spine is very responsive to care!

By the way, very important!

When the spine is in the right position, disappear two very nasty phenomena that give away Your age:

1. Wrinkles on the neck

2. Melt down, or ptosis of the face (when the face oval gutter down, forming flews and breaking the line of the mouth)

What happens is unclear, but the fact remains. In direct sense! All The Best To You! published 


Author: Galina Apolonskaya


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