10 movies unlimited the life of people with disabilities

Life with a disability does not have to be defective. On the contrary, people who society considers disabled, often achieve more success than their completely healthy peers. Dozens of stories of struggle with circumstances and their triumphant overcoming was transferred to the screen. And especially valuable is that many of them are based on real events.


"The Universe Stephen Hawking" (UK, 2014)


Stephen Hawking — probably the most famous living physicists of our planet. However, their amazing scientific discoveries he made being paralyzed due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The biopic tells the story of the early career scientist. At some point the doctors said to live the young man remained nearly two years. The film demonstrated combat the disease, in which the important role played by the wife of a genius. She helped him through a gradual paralysis, loss of speech and many related tragedies. And despite the fact that the couple eventually broke up, the movie proves just how important the presence of relatives in the lives of people who overcome the disease.


"The diving bell and the butterfly" (France-USA, 2007)


Another very real story of an incredible struggle. In 1995 chief editor of the magazine Elle France Jean-Dominique bauby went on a car trip with my son. But the unexpected happened — the man had a stroke. Waking up after a coma after 20 days, he realized with horror that all of his body except the left eye, paralyzed. The editor risked forever be locked in a stationary body. However, he soon found a way to communicate with others through eye contact. This allowed the journalist to dictate a book that became a bestseller and was the basis for a movie script.


Scent of a woman (USA, 1992)

Blinded by stupidity Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade angry at the whole world and drowns his sorrows in alcohol. A man decides to commit suicide, but not before planning one last tour — a trip to new York. However, relatives do not let Frank alone and pay student Charlie Simms for the fact that he was followed everywhere by a grumpy blind man. Weekend in new York varies both characters and forces you to radically reconsider the Outlook on life. The film is worth watching if only for the sake of the game al Pacino and a stunning scene of tango, which demonstrates that this dance vision not necessarily.


"Inside I'm dancing" (UK-Ireland-France, 2004)


The diagnosis of the protagonist Michael, cerebral palsy. Almost his whole life was spent in a wheelchair at boarding school among sick people. But the situation changes completely when a new patient institution becomes irrepressible Rory OSI. He is nearly immobile due to muscle atrophy, but still tries to live life to the fullest. This familiarity opens for Michael a lot of new features. The friends decide to achieve independent living and leave the orphanage, go to parties, meet girls. A new milestone in the lives of the characters starts thanks to the nurse, the role of which guys choose cute blonde. By the way, the story of the appearance in the life of a paralyzed person healthy companion that changes his life for the better, also shown in the film "1+1". In addition, soon on the screens will be a romantic version of such story — based on the novel "Before I met you."


"The miracle worker" (USA, 1962)

Helen Keller was born a healthy child but at 19 months the doctors stated that she lost her sight and hearing. The news was a blow for the parents of the baby. The girl was not able to develop normally and was almost unmanageable, because it is not seen, not heard and did not understand how to start talking. However, salvation came in the person of the teacher, Anne Sullivan. She began to teach the girl, touching her hand to different subjects. Eventually Helen was able to overcome all constraints, received a bachelor's degree in College and became a renowned social activist. In the movie "the miracle worker" reconstructed the most dramatic moments from his childhood Keller, a game Anne Bancroft, who plays Sullivan, no one can remain indifferent.


"Soul surfer" (USA, 2011)


At age 13 Bethany had a life dream of many teenagers. Family, friends and an amazing passion for surfing. The girl was promised a professional sports career, her talent was obvious to all who though time saw, how she conquers the wave. Early one morning, Bethany, as usual, surfed with friends in Hawaii. In the lineup she lowered her left hand into the water. No one imagined that just at this time she will attack the tiger shark. Bethany lost an arm, and it seemed that without a career in surfing. But the injury did not break the will of the girl and a month later, she participated in the competition along with all. The movie "soul Surfer" — this is not just a motivating picture, but the real story of professional surfing Bethany Hamilton. The girl has gained recognition in sports and became an example for thousands of people living without limbs.


"Me too" (Spain, 2009)

The main character Daniel 34 years. He received higher education, leads an active life, communicating with people and gets a job in the Department for the care of persons with disabilities. And yet Daniel has down syndrome, but this diagnosis does not make him a less interesting person. The film tells the love story between Daniel and his colleague Laura, who at first confuses it with one of the wards. But gradually — to the surprise of others — between two people there is a real intimacy. By the way, the lead actor Pablo Pineda, in fact, lives its history. He became the first European man with down syndrome who have received higher education.


"Rain man" (USA, 1988)


This film has already become a classic of world cinema. The story of an irresponsible playboy Charlie, who realizes that after his father's death almost all of the inheritance goes to his autistic brother Raymond. Of course, about any feelings related to the speech at first was not. Raymond was Charlie just retarded invalid, a burden, a person can be picked up from school and take hostages for money. But unexpected change is the joint adventure of the two brothers. Impressive acting Duo playing Dustin Hoffman and Tom cruise, suspense, real drama of the relationship — this movie has a lot of advantages.


"The house keys" (Italy-Germany-France, 2004)

At the time of birth Paolo was seriously injured, and his mother did not survive. My father could not recover from the blow and for many years left the child in the care of an aunt. However, once their meeting was to be held. Now dad will have to re-find the keys to your heart abandoned son, to learn to understand him and see him as more than a disabled person as he might seem at first glance. Andrea Russia, fulfilling a major role, in real life do diagnosed with cerebral palsy.


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"Still Alice" (USA-France, 2014)


Mankind has not yet found a cure for Alzheimer's disease. Especially hard for the families and friends who are forced to watch a loved one with their eyes loses a little bit of his own mind.


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First, the heroine of the film Alice Howland began to forget words. Although the words made her professional world, because Alice was zametim a Professor of linguistics. This is the cruel irony of life, sometimes takes away from people the most expensive. But, despite this sad subject, the movie carries a life-affirming message. The family continues to believe that somewhere inside Alice remains the same, that there are things over which have no power, no sickness. The fight against Alzheimer's is also dedicated to the movie "the notebook" and "Away from her".published


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