Palming: exercise for sight restoration

Exercise to restore vision that I want you to meet, come to us from ancient times. For him, William Bates introduced a special term – palming (from the English. palm – palm).

The goal of this exercise is to give peace and rest to your eyes, which helps to restore vision, since relaxation promotes improvement of microcirculation of blood in the vessels of the eyeball. In our time, when many people spend a long time at the computer, it is especially important.

Palming can be performed at every opportunity. Even if you do only a few seconds, it gives rest to the eyes and allows for a while to relax. If you are watching TV, palming can be done during commercial breaks.

The purpose of the activity is to completely close your eyes from the light and relax the eye muscles.

A precondition for the execution of palming is the absence of any physical and mental discomfort.

Palms should be pleasantly warm. To do this, the hands can be rubbed together to warm, and in the heat, so that the excess heat did not cause discomfort, they can be rinsed with cold water.

During exercise, the neck should be with the spine a straight line. The body should be placed in such a way that it is possible to relax To relax the hands to the elbows it is desirable to put some kind of support. Palming can be performed sitting, lying and standing. But not necessarily for maximum relaxation the elbows something to enclose. In the standing position when hands have no support, runs a short-term palming, lasting 10-15 seconds.

Adopting a comfortable posture, close the eyes, then cross my arms at an angle of 90 degrees, so that four fingers of one hand went to the inner side on the back side of the fingers of the other hand. Keeping this position, your palm to attach to the eyes.

Place the crossing of the palms will rest on the nose. Hands should not touch the eye. In this position you need to try to relax. Evidence that you have all going to be absolute black before my eyes without any light spots or flecks.

If you imagine a perfectly black background is not possible, you can try "visualizing blackness", that is, to imagine absolutely black items – black velvet, black ink, black piano... in other words any black items which come to mind.


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It is desirable to perform palming for at least 4 minutes.

After the exercise, the eyes need to open after 3-5 seconds after you took the hands from his face.

Palming can be performed at any time when you feel the fatigue in his eyes and desire to relax.



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