Bagel - the smart measuring tape

There was something that has been waiting for years everyone who works with their hands or at least ever doing home repairs on Kickstarter finally gathered the money needed to release the "smart" measuring tapes that can help you with measurements. This "meter" is nice Bagel, or in Russian a Bagel, works in conjunction with a smartphone and has several modes.

First, the "String Mode" will allow people to measure the length of the traditional way — just pull the string to the required length, and the "bagel" roll out the length on your display. Fishing line is durable, can withstand up to 50 pounds, and she can't cut yourself.

The second mode, the "Wheel Mode", allows to carry out measurements, just rolling the roulette wheel on the surface. Of course! On it and a bagel.

In the third mode, the device uses a measuring laser beam and ultrasonic sensors to measure vertical and horizontal angles.

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All measurements using the built-in recorder, you can record directly to the roulette, and if she duplicates their own measurements and dictated by the user directly to the smartphone.

Roulette have and cons. String from the first mode is not very long — only 3 meters. And second, "donut" is not familiar with the different metric systems, so you'll have to strain to convert feet and so on in the usual size.

Upon request, the miracle of technology is sold at a discount, for only 59$.


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