Smart roulette will not be mistaken with the size when buying clothes online store

When purchasing clothing online store is often a problem - the resulting product does not fit. Buyers are often struggling with this, ordering the same thing two or three dimensions. After fitting leave themselves what came, and the rest is returned to the store. Of course, for the things you need to first pay. And with the return of problems may arise.

On the other hand, stores this practice too inconvenient and expensive. Want to offer a good service - you have to take back the goods. And he was like as well as sold. Need to check the returned goods for damage, debit it to the warehouse, transfer the money to the buyer.

To solve this problem the Italian company wants Xyze, has created a smart roulette ON.

When using a tape measure a person can commit their main dimensions relevant to the choice of clothes, such as bust, waist or hips. Roulette transmits the measurement results in a special supplement, Xyze ID. The app also tells you what and where to measure correctly.

Xyze ID translates all measurement values ​​to international standards, so you can buy clothes for myself at least in Europe, at least in Asia.

If the store where you ordered the goods, supports the interface of the device, the data will be transferred directly into his system, and clothing size selected automatically. Already in the appendix present some of the most popular online stores.

Roulette itself looks not much different from the usual. Flexible measuring tape has a length of 160 centimeters (enough even to those whose dimensions differ from the standard 90-60-90). 3-volt battery lasts for 2 years.

Actually, it's not easy, but very simple, while still practical. Roulette price is about 40 euros - now developers are trying to собрать means for Indiegogo , but they say that the device hits the market in any case.



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