20 things I did not know 20 years

1. The world wants you to be blunt.
Dumber than you are, the easier for you to sell products and services. Diagonal size of the TV is inversely proportional to the IQ.

2. We should not blindly believe in the educational system.
The curriculum is outdated in the first day of your training. (Exception - basic program, but only in the exact sciences, the question of application of fundamental knowledge in everyday life remains open.)

3. Read without stopping, read as much as possible.
You never know when you'll be useful to new knowledge and concepts, but you'll be much better prepared for life unexpected.

4. Learn to communicate with others.
Avoid people, considering them unworthy of their communication - so do not find customers, friends, or work in the future.
5. Being shy - it's a waste of time. Do not let emotions steer decision-making processes.

6. If you do not like something in a relationship with another person - in case you break this "something" and will be the cause.

7. How can I communicate better with people older than themselves. Try to understand their value system, their outlook and logical connection between the environment and decision-making.

8. Find people you can admire and try to beat them.

9. Over time, people have become more conservative. If you want to do risky things - do them while young. I have long come to the conclusion that reformism - a consequence of lack of knowledge, and is not a focus.

10. Do not waste your money on nonsense: Skopje them something serious (including your startup). It will also teach you to spend money in business: the mind and for a purpose.

11. The choice between spending money on things or experiences, choose impressions. The joy of impressions and memories above.

12. Once you have learned to save, learn to earn.

13. Learn how to program.
Easier to make a prototype, rather than wasting time and money on something to explain it to someone else. Do not want to program - learn to do something hands to be able to produce something useful.

14. Do not gain weight in youth. This will reduce your active life of 10-20 years.

15. Learn to cook. The best time to think about something - when you cut the ingredients for a salad or soup.

16. Get enough sleep at night. Lack of sleep is greatly affects the quality of decisions.

17. Write down your business. Memory is not enough, no matter how fantastic it was.

18. Have a great dream. Being flexible is great, but without dreams it can turn into running in a circle.

19. Become an expert in their field before changing field. Here it is, and in the rule of 10,000 hours, and that should be a good generalist in the past to be a good person.

20. Do not try to fix people. Look for those who are not spoiled.

Learn foreign languages ​​2-3. Knowledge of the language also gives insight into the culture and understanding of different points of view and values.
Learn culturally speaking and writing without errors. Ability to speak fluently and is useful in the case when you will communicate the views of the company's customers, as well as to manage people.
Learn ethically compete in the desired areas of life. Life - a very competitive thing, and the inability to compete reduces your chances to change their position or social status.


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