A simple recipe of folk medicine to cleanse the joints

While maintaining the domestic hygiene of the intestine and nutrition, exercise and comply with the other rules of a healthy lifestyle, stop the development of diseases, and the body gradually purging itself. But stretches it over the years. In particular, much time and labor is required to clean away salt deposits and toxins the joints and especially the spine.

Try to clear them faster.

Take 5 grams of Bay leaves, put in 300 milliliters of water and boil for 5 minutes. Then pour into a thermos and leave for 3-4 hours. Strain. The infusion is ready to use.

Drink it in small SIPS, so as to stretch the procedure for 12 hours.

In any case, do not drink the infusion of large doses or all at once — you can provoke bleeding.

This procedure must be performed for 3 consecutive days. Then after a week the same three-day course can be repeated. In the first year of the cleansing of the joints repeat 1 time per quarter. In the following, for prevention — 1 every year.

A prerequisite for clean joints thoroughly washed the intestines and vegetarian food on all days of the procedure. Note: if you have not completed a course of internal lavage, the use of infusion of Bay leaf in the colon will rapidly dissolve deposits of fecal stones and prisoners in them of harmful substances, entering the blood, will cause the phenomenon of pruritus, urticaria and other forms of allergies.

The method of purification of the joints helps to get rid of the salt deposits, weather pain, joint fatigue, degenerative disc disease, infectious nonspecific polyarthritis and other diseases.


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Many are surprised, how to give them these 5 grams Bay leaf. The answer is quite simple: buy the store bag Packed Lavrushka (in my opinion, there are only 20 grams) and divide the pile of leaves by the corresponding number of parts.published


Author: Vadim Tigranovich Melik-Nubarov

From the book "Purification and recovery of the organism. Encyclopedia of folk medicine".

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