How to place large appliances and not to spoil the design

Decorating the interior, we are faced with the need to cover my tracks progress in their apartments to hide the wires and the audio system to mask the electronics neatly fit into the atmosphere of large equipment. Share hot five ideas on how not to give household hardware to spoil the look of your home.

1. Embedded

The most common and easiest way to make technique invisible in the interior – to hide it behind the facade of furniture. Modern manufacturers allow you to build literally everything from refrigerators to coffee machines, which minimizes the risk to spoil the atmosphere of large aggregates.

2. Choose Many manufacturers, focusing on the needs of consumers, offer appliances in a variety of colors and styles. For the kitchen in a Provence style ideal retromobile, and minimalistic flat pick technique with simple modern design – it certainly won't hurt the General mood of the interior.

3. Decorate

An original way to enter into environment of large aggregates is to paint them (for example, slate paint). Or to paste over with decorative stickers, self-adhesive film. Option is especially good for updating old appliances and turning it into a real design gem.

4. Concealed Appliances can ruin the design of your home, you can simply hide in the closet, niche, utility room, sliding doors, shutters, screen. The output is useful to those who remained working appliances, updating the interior.

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Want large and small household assistants could look good? Choose a model from one collection.published Author: Katerina Boglevskaya



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