10 movies where all is not what it seems

We love a movie that surprises and impresses: plot twists, mysteries excite the imagination. Besides, we love surprises and we publish a selection of films which "mislead brains" and a Bang-up job of that in the final blown away at how he wrapped the story writer!

The sixth sense / The Sixth Sense, 1999

Thirty nine million three hundred forty nine thousand four hundred forty nine

Child psychiatrist Malcolm Crowe is confronted with an interesting case: a boy Cole is sure that he sees dead people. Trying to figure out why there is such an amazing mental disorder, Crowe immersed in the strange world of the child. The observations of Dr. reveals to him the world from the other side.

The Island / The Island, 2005

Forty two million three hundred eighty two thousand ninety eight

The world was lost, sunk in a global ecological cataclysm. Several hundred people, the last survivors, sheltering in a secure bunker, where follow a strict diet and bizarre life. But there is hope — the Island where people live like in Paradise. You can get there by winning the Lottery! On 35-Oh to minute the viewer learns that the inhabitants of the bunker blatantly lying.

Psycho / Psycho, 1960

Forty two million seven hundred ten thousand nine hundred seventy five

Marion crane steals money from the safe boss to blithely live with her lover. The girl gets in the car and leaving town for fear of persecution. On 40-Oh to minute the plot will make a great hook.

Vanilla sky / Vanilla Sky, 2001

Sixty one million two hundred one thousand eight hundred ninety four

David lives a double life: he has two girls (blonde and brunette), two line memories (before the crash and after), two individuals and even two individuals. At some point reality begins to scorch around the edges, and the viewer becomes unclear — what is really going on?

Others / The Others, 2001

Ninety one million six hundred ten thousand nine hundred sixty seven

The second World war, Britain abandoned mansion, ideal for a Gothic novel. Grace lives there with two children. All of them left, and the woman cannot cope with the big house alone, especially because her children suffer from a rare disease. The whole truth about the mysterious illness of the children are detected only in the final.

12 monkeys / Twelve monkeys, 1995

Eighty one million nine hundred eighteen

In the future a mysterious virus wipes out mankind, a handful of people will go underground to survive. Scientists are looking for the best opportunity to prevent a catastrophe and sent into the past agents. Their goal is to find the cause, time and place when the infection. Some will have to watch this confusing puzzle again to bring together all the threads of the plot.

Oldboy / Oldeuboi, 2003

Seventy two million one hundred eighty one thousand two hundred thirty

A drunkard and a spendthrift Oh Dae-su is kidnapped and held in the chamber 15. Then let go at will. It is clear that Oh Dae-su wants to know: who are these people that so badly with him? As soon as the reasons of the kidnapping of the main character, is getting worse.

The cabin in the woods / The Cabin in the Woods, 2011

Seventy four million two hundred five thousand eight hundred eight

You saw it a hundred times: a bunch of young people going out of town in an abandoned house, there to drink and dance. Although, whether they are in your mind, then this house I'd just stay away. On 44-Oh to minute this hackneyed plot will unfold 180 degrees, and then again. And in the final you do tear templates!

Shutter island / Shutter Island, 2009

Twenty nine million nine hundred sixty thousand two hundred sixty eight

Detective Teddy Daniels and his partner come to the island, where he built a formidable and terrifying mental institution. Mysteriously it was gone one patient to escape she couldn't. Detective, trying to investigate the matter, immersed in a dark secret that connected all: patients, doctors, and security guards.

Dark city / Dark City, 1998

Fifty six million nine hundred sixteen thousand six hundred eighty

In the tub wakes up. He can't remember her name. In the room — dead girl. Man flees, trying to figure out who he is and what's happening around? Thriller that begins like a classic Noir, turning, turns in the spiral leading to the dark heart of the city, where people lose their memory and themselves.published 


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