The truth is that we stubbornly close our eyes

I don't believe in no feelings of envy as such, especially in the areas substituted by money, ambition and the "social" going, therefore, the statement "I would never envy" – this is more motivational than the truth.

The truth is that we stubbornly close our eyes: not everything in life is uncontrollable and due to the discipline, diligence and concentration. There will always be something where you "want and try" to be a map of Bito the banal luck and chance. We unnecessarily sticks to stories about how someone really, really tried – and he succeeded, just not knowing about those who tried no less (or much more), but left with nothing.


The Greek philosopher Diagorou, surnamed the Atheist, showed the image of people praying to the gods, and escaped the shipwreck. The implication was that prayer that saves from death. Diagor asked: "where are the images of those who prayed, but still drowned?"


When it fails, it does not mean that will never be (because the absence of something is not proof of the impossibility of this), but I understand as well and how that is little consolation when you make every effort to get, but no.

Envy is not necessarily anger and revenge, the desire to take revenge and to win. But this feeling, which is the place to be, so to pretend that it can test anyone, except for you – the same foul play as small pakostnichestvo or blooming rumors.

I see no reason to be ashamed of or to feel guilty about pricks of envy (and it turns out the classic "fretting over experience"). On the contrary, find that the scratched – already half the battle.

First, it is an opportunity to learn about yourself something new and discover that there are things for you in the "red zone", that is significant despite the vociferous assurances to the contrary.

Secondly, it is a good indicator of the quality of relationships: the person who you do care, envy is physically difficult – it's the time to roll in joy for him, nothing can do about it.

Developing this same idea, but on the other end: to catch myself thinking, what really do not remember when was the last time you felt envy, great news. So, what to you really matters, you already have, or the people around you – own pack.


Great one day realize that you no longer want to "higher, faster, stronger, more"; great happiness – to choose a part where to be and what to believe.


I believe there is no envy "white", as one cannot be a little pregnant or a little dead around married. When foes the good news is aching under the ribs, it's time to look in the bag with the bones under the bed. And first of all to acknowledge it is there.


What to do next? Stop constantly compare yourself with others in terms of "better" – "worse." The only healthy comparison: "what I am today and what I was a year (two to fifteen years) ago." That is the other, and given the circumstances of life.


Know before thought: trust your instincts!

Life without expectations


In this context it will lead a favorite passage from the text member of Timonovo:

Jason Statham sits in a roadside cafe and talks about salmon: "the Salmon – swift, strong and tireless. He travels thousands of kilometers. Conquering the rapids and currents. Crisscrossing shallows and jumps in waterfalls. Without sleep. Without rest. In a constant battle with the elements. He overcomes all obstacles, spawns and, completely exhausted, dies. Now, remember. You are not a salmon".

Looking around at other people's gardens, run your. And may you have today, it only quinoa, horseradish Jerusalem artichoke Yes – winter has not yet come, start digging. published


Author: Olga Primachenko


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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