Inconspicuous summer fruits that you want to include in the diet

Each of us has a list of vegetables and fruits that we love and used to eat (or at least force ourselves for the sake of health). But farmers ' markets, local agricultural businesses and cottages in the summer months can be surprising and useful discoveries. Because each fruit and vegetable contains a lot of nutrients. Now that summer is in full swing, be sure to try these plants with unusual taste and great nutritional value.

Garlic arrows

Arrow is a green flower stalk, which is literally "shoots" from the garlic bulbs after she grew up. Young green swirling arrows have a pleasant mild flavor and aroma of garlic and rich in the same nutrients that onions, garlic, leeks. In particular, the arrows of garlic in the diet will enhance the cardiovascular system and help prevent cancer.


Physalis, also known as field cherry, actually refer to the same as the tomato, the Solanaceae family and contain a healthy dose of carotenoid lycopene. He also has an exceptionally large number of pectin, which normalizes cholesterol levels and blood sugar.


This leafy greens is the real "super": a study published in the American journal of clinical nutrition, showed that a handful of watercress a day helps protect cells from damage by free radicals. These sheets are perfect in salads and main dishes.


This white radish from East Asia rich anthoxanthins and helps to lower cholesterol and normalize blood pressure and strengthen the cardiovascular system.


Suritsa — unusual drink, which prepared our ancestors

4 delicious recipe of peppers



Often the representative of the family of cabbage forgotten, but kohlrabi is rich in fiber and vitamin C, as well as glucosinolate — group of compounds, cancer-fighting.published


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