Traffic chaos in Ukraine

May 30, Sergei Kalinowski - the son of Maria Firtash, co-owner of the former wife of company RosUkrEnergo Dmitry Firtash, from his first marriage - lost control of the BMW M6 on Shevchenko Boulevard and crashed into a parked VAZ-21011. The collision killed two people - the owner of VAZ, Ensign Vladimir Kulikovskii internal troops and companion Mr. Kalinowski. The originator of the accident was taken to his guard in a private clinic, where doctors have forbidden him to bring the investigation procedures. After analyzing the deformation and damage mechanism of collision of cars, the experts concluded that the speed of the car, which drove Sergei Kalinowski, was 55 - 60 km / h. Conclusion Forensic stamped by the Ministry of Justice. Meanwhile, according to witnesses an accident, BMW was moving at a speed of at least 150 km / h. In turn, writes Kommersant, and. about. Head of public relations center of the Metropolitan Police Volodymyr Dmytrenko said that the police will take into account the conclusions of experts, but "will not forget", as a result of an accident killed two people. A criminal case on violation of traffic rules, which were followed by the death of the victim. I believe that after the two deaths is not to be closed & quot ;, - said the head of the Metropolitan Police DSP.


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