When even the healthiest foods can be harmful

You always loved the salad of fresh vegetables, but lately his "do not want"? Why, because it's a whole lot of vitamins and minerals?

In fact there is nothing supernatural: the fact that in some diseases, even the most healthy foods can be harmful. Here the body and gives you a signal: "don't eat, and it will be worse".

• We all know that carrots are very rich in vitamin A. However, you cannot use in food of roots that protrude above the surface of the earth and have a greenish color. This negatively affects the activity of the heart.

Peppermint is not used for hypotension (reduced blood pressure).

Onion is contraindicated in renal disease, liver, acute diseases of the stomach.

Tomatoes in cooked and canned contribute to the formation and growth of stones in the kidneys and bladder.

Sea Kale should not be eaten in hemorrhagic diathesis, during pregnancy, as well as various allergies.

Garlic is contraindicated in inflammation of the kidneys and acute diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Parsley should not be eaten during pregnancy, as well as in acute inflammatory processes in kidneys and urinary bladder.


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Black radish is contraindicated in various diseases of the heart liver, and kidney, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

• Do not use horseradish in acute and chronic inflammatory processes of the digestive system, because it is an irritant to the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract.published


Author: Tamara Dubinin


Source: health.wild-mistress.ru/wm/health.nsf/publicall/6667EDD17FCFAB21C32575EF0036CD90


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