Requests in the world: Enticing goals and real opportunities

About the boundless possibilities of man in our time speak and write a lot. Thoughts about the best "halves", families, businesses and events around made so thick shoots that huge number of people when faced with real (not fictitious) characters of his life just pass by, missing a good chance to build personal and business relationships.

And all because they "deserve the best".

Seven million two hundred seventy four thousand twenty eight

Dreams and goals of many of our planet's inhabitants are a mixture of fantasies about the fabulous worlds with good wizards, fairies and wands-jelaniyami and business plans the most successful companies in the world. Motivational speakers, inspirational books and movies, a high concentration of "stories of wonder" in the media create the illusion that each of us almost all.

Fame, power, prosperity, the conquest of the inaccessible peaks of business success are very attractive, but not everyone wants to relate inviting target with their real possibilities.

To have the desire to become an astronaut every one of us has the right to, at any age, but reasonable person understands that even if the required level of knowledge and skills can be acquired, the level of health, alas, such a major adjustment lends itself to not always. And if health are lucky, the selection process is completed, then there is no guarantee that the astronauts will choose this person, for space programs is not enough at all. You can fight dozens of years for the right to be an astronaut, but maybe there's a meaning a little wider to see the possibilities? If we are so much drawn to be closer to the cosmos, you can search any adjacent areas of the classroom, and who knows what results will be achieved, it is possible that significant.

Fundamental obsession with his ideological position can lead to large losses of time and effort, after which even harder to recognize his own wrong. Many continue endlessly to attempt to penetrate the closed doors, despite the fact that there's plenty open.

  • "I deserve the best man, I know how much he should get, what to do, how to look, how to behave etc. But why do I have more than 5/10 years alone?»,
  • "My business must be the most incredible business in the Universe, and I'm not going to put up with reality — either quick and high-income, or no!»,
  • "My woman should be not only beautiful, kind, loyal, friendly, sexy, home, but to the neck was not sitting, herself earned, would be an interesting interlocutor, a good mom to my kids would understand that I need freedom!»
Forty nine million eight hundred two thousand one hundred forty four

I think, The universe does not need to shout and prove that you are something there worthy, worthy it comes naturally, not to notice? Working people work, doing something useful, helps others, is developing, and he was a no-no, and will throw the world some little present. The kids are good, then the opportunity to buy a house, then the car accumulated, then the business went uphill. And if desired has not yet come, it may not be the level? Or something not so with desire.

Every person in the forces a lot, but the problem is that often we want to have similarities with the characters in the external, but not pass the test, fell to their share. Some people had a serious illness, others have difficulties with finances, third, problems in relationships, and how many more were in the lives of those who would like to see a "hero". Often great sorrow bring people the incentive that drives you to move forward and achieve good results, but it can also happen that in the great victories come great trials, and with them some meet just wants. Hardly deep life is possible without testing. If you want to get to inaccessible pinnacle, you will have to deal with months of training, and difficulty lifting and overnight stays in a comfortable environment and with the potential risk of avalanches. And if you don't want to do it, so nobody drives to get on is not available, and more are available to choose from.

Each of us has to choose: great potential, but also large risks or smaller risks, but the results are more modest. To settle for the small — version is quite reasonable in many cases.

Often, people are strongly asking God/the Universe/the World to give them great opportunities, but when you get the necessary tests on our abilities and compliance with the stated objectives, it appears that through all of this not so desirable. I want great love, but without the breaking-in period, no negative feelings, no jealousy and misunderstanding. Business want, but without excessive investment of time, money and effort, and please to hurry it paid off. Man want but to from and successful, and kind, and generous, and you do not need to all the time spent on the job, let the house often (and not old, but young and beautiful at the same time!!!).

When you want a lot and without much effort, it makes sense to think carefully. Maybe when you know you deserve the best, there are forces and time to grow this is the "best" of what we have already? First and foremost, grow yourself to be able not only to attract but also to retain the height to which he decided to climb, and when attracted, you have the patience to "grow" your relationships, your business, social circle and work. In addition, those who are truly themselves raised, the results come sure, of questions, "I deserve more, where is mine?"usually arise.

The universe is, indeed, abundant, generous world, opportunities in many capacities, everything depends on the presence within us of the power to use them.If you ask life to give us not what we want, and what's most appropriate for growth and development, once surprised to discover that the man or woman next to them had a lot to think, to observe, to change, to negotiate and develop, as again and became the biggest love of my life and business that wasn't expecting quick results, and chose just to do their job well, gradually began to give more and more opportunities.

Then you find that when you no longer require loved ones special treatment, but learning to hiccup the resources within themselves and in relation to native just doing what it should be, the quarrel gradually subside. And such examples are many.

One thing to remember is that to make an "order" to the Universe on the image of the partner, relationships, family, business or something else, we can only existing in the mind and the known images.


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But can you really imagine the view from the top, where you never were? Might be better to ask of life the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time, and then somehow do.published 


Author: Dina Richards


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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