System TERRA: grow your seat!

System TERRA! allows all wishing to diversify the design of their garden plots using a cardboard base, earth, and grass seed each person can grow in your garden a comfortable green chair. The cardboard seat base is easily assembled from multiple parts, and then you only need to fill the form with soil and wait until the grass comes up.

Seat TERRA! created by designer Andrea Sanna and Piergiorgio Robineau Studio Nucleo in 2000. The project was very successful — the green chair has received several awards and triumph traveled to international exhibitions. All the first samples of the designers produced manually, but soon they realized that the growing demand requires large-scale production.


Updated TERRA! made of cardboard sheets using a laser cutting machine — folded cardboard frame takes up almost no space, it is easy to transport and assemble. According to the authors, the system TERRA! helps consumers to rethink the production process and recycling. Over time, the cardboard decomposes in the soil, and grown-up chair need to take care and then, in contrast to the usual furniture, it will live forever.





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