How to choose grass seed coverage

The lawn not only creates the harmony of the garden, but is an integral element in the regeneration of the garden plot. Thanks lawn covering gardening area looks well-groomed and beautiful, because the young grass provides an improved microclimate, absorb dust, so the lawn is not only beautiful, but also useful for health.

The advantages of the lawn a lot, and if done correctly, it is unlikely that in the future will have to regret wasted time and money. Just have to decide what to choose lawn — seed or prepared sod, which is sold in rolls.

Traditionally no one will be able to clearly answer what the lawn has improved characteristics, because each of them has individual advantages has its own disadvantages. In addition, very often the choice of the pitch is predetermined, so as when choosing you must consider the degree of illumination of adjoining territory, terrain and the characteristics of the soil. Only if you have all the necessary information to make an informed and correct decision.

Seeded lawn — green shoots of young grass. Choosing a seeded lawn, you must consider that for a tree planting there is a clearly defined period in mid — late spring and early fall. At this time of year the soil is well warmed up and the temperature has a strong unpredictable fluctuations. Of course, to sow the seeds can be in a different period, but then in this case it is impossible to predict the result because weather is unpredictable and can make adjustments, for example, cold may completely destroy the young and fragile shoots of emerald green.

If the weather is consistently warm and stable climate, the first seedlings may appear in a couple of weeks. But it's far to dense and thick turf. In order that the grass really began to resemble a lawn cover it might take several months, depending on climatic features of the area. But grass seed coating from seeds can be done practically everywhere, because of the large range you can select a certain type of grass mixtures that are best suited to the conditions of adjoining territory: form, relief, climate does not play a special role.

To take care of such a lawn is not difficult, traditionally, can not do without mowing, aeration, articulatii, fertilizing and timely watering.

Turf — ready turf emerald green.In contrast to the seeded lawn turf is ready to use during the summer period, even in the minor season of frosts, as the young grass is resistant to cold climate. Immediately after the device lawn looks effectively, but be aware that in most cases roll the turf prepared for the reaction of lawns. Unfortunately, turf is not always suitable for shady areas, so the turf, which will be different special properties, have to be ordered separately.

In the same way as seeded, roll the turf occasionally have to mow, water, fertilize and perform the scarification, aeration, brush and sand. In addition, the removal of the felt will have to devote relatively much time, otherwise there is a possibility that with proper care can form tangled shoots and this will lead to the development of negative microflora, which affect the appearance of young grass.

I hope that this little article will help You to decide what grass to choose for your site. See you soon!



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