The original bans in different countries

Different countries have their taboos. This article will introduce you with the most original of them.


In Singapore, clean streets. It is famous for its fines. For example, you will pay a penalty of $ 500 just for the fact that you are pulled for a water in a public toilet. In 1992 adopted a law that prohibits the import and use of chewing gum. This pay a penalty of approximately $ 400.


Here you will be fined because you use a beach shower not for its intended purpose. If you decide, for example, wash an Apple under the shower, be prepared to pay a fine of 750 euros. You won't hear live music on the beaches of Alcudia to can Picafort. And all because the musicians are establishing a penalty for playing on any musical instrument. The amount of the fine is € 300.


In the XI century it introduced the original tradition, known around the world. A woman can propose to my beloved on February 29. In that case, if the man refuses, he does not avoid the penalty.


In this country it is strictly forbidden to step foot on the money. And all because on all notes and coins have the image of the king.


That Italy ranks first in Europe by number of original bans. On Venice beaches is prohibited to collect shells, a fine of from 25 to 250 euros. In a town called Eboli, in any case, you can't kiss me in the car, you will pay a fine of 500 euros. Forte dei Marmi is a resort town. There are strictly prohibited to turn on the lawn during the Siesta. Most, in my opinion, extraordinary relief in Italy is considered to be a forgery. For purchasing such things, you can pay a sum many times greater than the cost of the original product. The maximum fine is 10 000 euros.


If you decide to enter any public place on a Sunday afternoon, in the pink pants, you'd better abandon this idea. In Australia it is also not allowed to change a light bulb anyone except a qualified electrician.

Twenty nine million fourteen thousand one hundred seven


In this country it is strictly forbidden to ride a Bicycle on the sidewalk. For this method of travel will impose on you a fine of 100 euros. But if the driver of the car will not choke the motor if it costs more than three minutes, the person will pay a fine, the amount of which is € 120.


In order not to delay the trains, France has banned kissing in the station. This rule exists since 1910. Although no laws are terrible lovers or relatives who were saying goodbye, saying goodbye. So this law is not particularly observed. And the penalty for such violation, like kissing, is not provided.

Eighty two million one hundred fifty thousand three hundred sixty one


Each state has its own concept, designating "good" and "bad." In Georgia, in 2010, introduced the following rule: not to wear skirts or trousers that sit on the body is lower than three inches from the hip line. For such violation entails a fine of 25 dollars. And here in Minnesota always monitor the cleanliness of the tire, as the fine for muddy tires – up to $ 2,000. Agree, the sink is much cheaper.



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