Lawn for beginners the most important tips

Decoration of any plot — well maintained and strong lawn. Smooth green lawn, eye pleasing, and for a family holiday perfect. But often the idea of the lawn scares the newcomer by its complexity. We'll show you how using simple techniques to grow in the suburban area, a real green carpet.

The lawn is different For a start, think carefully, for what specific purposes you plan to upgrade the area where it will be seeded lawn. Just for beauty? Or there are sporting kids? Maybe you like sports games? Or your dream is relaxing on a green lawn? Depending on the goals and tasks, select the appropriate option for you lawn.

This is an option for "lazy". This lawn done quickly enough — after all, the prepared soil is placed ready quality grass cover. It will take a little more than a week — and you can relax on the private green meadow.

This kind of lawn is likely to be a universal composition of seeds. It is suitable for land with average maneuverability. As the name implies, it is familiar to most turf grown from seed. If you prefer this method of creating their first lawn, a very heed to the choice of grass mixture. The classification of the lawns are quite extensive (as well as a range of mixtures for them), but enough to start to be aware of the following types:

The most durable of all; it consists of herbs that are the least susceptible to trampling.

Designed for areas with medium permeability; perfect for walking, Jogging and games.

Perfect for creating sophisticated, romantic landscape; it consists of seeds of grasses and white clover. Compared with the sports and universal lawn, has a lower wear resistance.

Decorative in its composition — the seeds of annual grasses: wildflowers, honey plants, poppies.

How to break jasonpurdy step is site preparation for planting a lawn. It is necessary to dig over the plot and align it. Next is a little secret: leave the dig site for a week, allowing the weeds to germinate. Then sprouted grass treated with a herbicide (Tornado, roundup). This is necessary to ensure that the weeds are not pulled from the soil nutrients.
Before planting the seeds should loosen the soil. You can then sow the grass seed mixture. So many seeds have taken root, it is necessary to stamp them on top of a special roller for the lawn.

Birds – without exception – very much like the seeds of lawn grass. Therefore, the planted area must be covered with special material to protect from birds. After germination of the grass should remove the shelter and feed the lawn.

Tips to form a turf in the first year, cut your lawn about once a week. Optimal grass height – 5 cm

If the turf is too thick, it is recommended to puncture it with a stick or a special aerator for the soil when the roots accumulate carbon dioxide, it begins to harm the plants, so you need to provide the lawn a greater penetration of oxygen.
Strengthen the root system of special herbs feeding.
The lawn is regular watering important. If you come to the cottage just for the weekend, problem solve watering can automatic watering system.published

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