How to break a beautiful lawn near the house

Level lawn, pleasing to view a real sea of green grass that can brighten any garden. Our parents are strongly fought with the weeds at their dachas, but times have changed and now green lawn is not a symbol of desolation and abandonment problem, but a joy to the eye of the owners.

Grass for the "right" of the lawn will only fit special, which is active and growing quickly and gives you resistant to external influences herbs. It should also be noted that the lawn must be constantly maintained, that he was actually pleased.


And lawn care and treat this kind of works and commissioning professional, and quite successfully to do that. Consider the process of sowing lawn grass yourself more.

The formation of the lawn requires careful preparation and consideration of all peculiarities of topography and terrain, because planning gives you the opportunity to create a complete and harmonious picture, well designed and exquisite landscape. Therefore, before starting work, imagine what it would look like the plot in General, and in what sequence will need to carry out work to the results of the works related to the lawn, was not destroyed during the construction of, for example, the Alpine slide.


The ground will need to be prepared. It needs to be cleaned of last years leaves and debris. Carefully pull the weeds, remove their stems, and roots. In order to clean the soil from weeds should be treated with herbicides, and better to do it in the fall and spring to start to create lawn. There is more radical method to get rid of weeds: to remove the top layer of soil to a depth of 15 cm and put on top of the new soil.


In order to faster the lawn was covered with grass, it is best to fertilize in the example, humus.

After the soil is prepared, you can begin the actual planting. Before planting the soil should not be dug down. So the result was a uniform green surface, the earth must be compacted so that it was quite possible to walk. Just before planting, go over your rake in the top layer of soil. Then well pour the ground — she has to get wet and be wet not only on the surface. After that, take a package of lawn grass seed and sow them in the ground.


If sown a piece of land has a fairly large area, then seeded it first along the section, and then across. The rate of seeding depends on the kind of grass to use grass, but you should be guided by the following proportion: from 10 to 40 grams of seed per 1 square meter. After the seeds are planted, we need to irrigate the land, it is best to power spray the seeds went into the ground sufficiently evenly.

As a rule, seeds of lawn grasses are seeded to a depth of one to two inches. Their optional extra to fill the earth — just a little compacted, so they were not gone with the wind with the soil. Through the week we can expect the first shoots of grass, and after a few weeks the lawn will be completely covered with greenery, and it should the first time to cut.


So, seeding of lawns is not very time-consuming process; it is quite possible to manage, even if you don't have a lot of experience in garden works. The result will be beautiful and lush vegetation, which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also serves as a place for guests or even an active holiday. published


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