I was thrown a hundred dollars in Mega Khimki

The situation is this. I went up to the ATM exchange, in order to change a couple of hundreds of rubles. As always half exchange ATMs did not work and there was a crowd of people. Well, post in the queue. In the moments to the broken ATM approached a young man so 26-28, bespectacled, intellectual shorter and began to try to push rubles in order to get the dollars. Well, I said to him that these ATMs only change the currency for rubles, but rather only in the bank. Well, he is such:
 - And you would not be able to change?
 - No problem ...
Give him $ 100, he gives me 2,500 rubles. I'm beginning to see their pereschityvat and among one torn banknotes bill 500 p. Well, I said to him (it lasted a couple of seconds):
 - No, torn money I do not need
 - Come on, it's on the gum she broke
 - No, no ... thank you, let my 100 bucks back
At this point, he has me and puts a fake $ 100. Noticed, of course, I did not, but it was too late. What lohanulsya so lohanulsya, memory leave. Most of all I killed the inscription on the bill, and indeed differences ... We look


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