Cream cellulite: do publicized means?

Against the background of many morphological and theoretical works on etiology and pathogenesis of cellulite, the information space dedicated to this issue full of various sentences which declare the possibility of contour improvements using a variety of creams and ointments that can be applied at home.

Below we analyze two randomly selected funds with the typical for such drugs (full they number in the hundreds).

Twenty nine million three hundred eighty eight thousand two hundred forty nine

Abstract one of the reports: the cream is based on unique vitamins (any unspecified), minerals and herbs that can bring concerned area excess water. The role of large amounts of vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants — to improve the overall function of the body. The developers of the drug believe that against this background, it is possible to abandon most diets, usually prescribed for cellulite.

The creators of the second drug are convinced, he is highly effective for cellulite any location. Its ingredients when applied topically must penetrate into the deeper subcutaneous layers and act on fat cells, increasing their metabolism and prevents its accumulation of new fat. This, in turn, should lead to a noticeable improvement in the appearance of skin affected by cellulite.

The goal of antioxidant agents, including vitamins C, A, E and zinc — enhance the elimination of free radicals. Borage oil medicines, fatty acids and collagen needs to provide power and restore conditions to the surface of the skin was smooth and even. Also the product contains Arnica, aloe, calendula, trying to strengthen the wall of fat cells and increase their vitality. Salts of cesium and colloidal minerals to improve the parameters of the skin and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and restore the elasticity.

To get quick results is offered every day to massage the problem areas with the suitable tools. From the description of the ingredients of both drugs can be understood only one thing: they do not contain poisons, which is good, since according to many "beauticians" the absence of negative consequences is surely already a good result.

Eighty million one hundred twenty thousand six hundred thirteen

If it is serious, the effect of which is stated in the description of these funds is non-specific, and General. In other words, improving the appearance of the picture (and it is quite possible) is achieved not by incorporating any special "anti-cellulite" mechanism, but due to the bracing effect that is achieved with the abundance of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals that, in General, is almost always useful, not only in the case of cellulite.

But the increase in the tone and moisture of the skin (namely, only this in reality possible to achieve), the mechanical smashing the affected areas of fatty tissue, is only of a temporary nature, as evidenced by the rapid return of the original pattern immediately after the cessation of applications.

Such therapy can be compared with the use of dipyrone during toothache: the acute symptoms pass, and its causes remain. So is the cream that try to replace a comprehensive program: with persistent application he will probably be able in some cases to make the skin surface more smooth, but on the actual cellulite, ie the pathology of the subcutaneous fat layer, it is to influence, by definition, can not. We must understand that a cellulite treatment has been and remains a problem that can be solved only in special conditions.



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Moreover, patients reported that the month-by-month number of used vehicles, similar to those described, should increase. Although often not reached, because the fans home anti-cellulite programs such understand that you can't wait for the obvious positive changes.published  




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