Activists from London have figured out how to get rid of ads in the metro and help the animals

If you find yourself at the metro station Clapham common in London, then most likely decide that cats seized power in the subway. And you would be right. All 68 of the banners on the station was bought by the British group of activists "Service capture advertising people" (The Citizens Takeover Advertising Service — C. A. T. S) and put instead of them... posters with a picture of cats.

With this action the activists offer residents of the city and major brands to look at is a little on the other side, and still try to make it more useful. More than 23 thousand pounds were collected by volunteers on crowdfunding, and now two weeks the station will be decorating the cat. Not only that, these posters get bored and they look nice, and the animals for the stock was chosen from shelters to help them find the owners. Perhaps this is the most pleasant and helpful of all existing is, isn't it?

Source C. A. T. S
Photo on preview C. A. T. S / KICKSTARTER.COM
According to the materials of Bored Panda

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