Dad has found a brilliant way to teach your children to properly handle money

A short story of one little boy, published on the page of Humans Of New York, literally blew up the Internet. His father managed the impossible: he's not just teaching your children frugal attitude towards money, but also showed how important it is to help other people.

The website sincerely admires these wise parents and published a simple recipe for how to skillfully handle money from ordinary father from new York.

"Every week I get one dollar out of pocket expenses. Then I can choose which section to put it: "save" "spend" "donate" or "invest."

If I choose the section "invest", then immediately give a dollar to the parents, and at the end of each month they return me the money with additional interest. I identified your money in the section "spend" only two times! The rest I invested and I already have $ 10. I could be more, but I decided to donate some money. We bought food for people who have in the section "spend" not much money".

Great job, mom and dad! This brilliant method at the same time teaches children to be responsible with money and compassion.

Photo on preview Facebook/Humans of New York
Materials Facebook/Humans of New York

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