Synchrotron or very funny story about male solidarity!

The website overheard in Runet funny story from life and is willing to share it with readers! About twenty years ago I got my license, bought an old machine and started to learn the avenues of the city.

And I notice here on the panel some new strange thing. My husband explained that this synchrotron. That ride I became Greyhound. And "U" with the glass is not broken, and someone saw that I chase. And that evening, through this synchrotron it will look, if I exceed the speed. And if exceeded, takes keys, and driver's career ends here.

The next day did not take her eyes from the speedometer. Exceeded once at 5 km. the Internet in those ancient times were not so widely available. How to twist the testimony of this stupid synchro... I didn't know. Went to the mechanic of the organization in which he worked. Explained the problem. He listened, looked at synchrotron and advised him to confess, so as to twist the testimony of the impossible.

He was afraid to go home! Repented in front of her husband, promised not to do it. When told that she went to a mechanic husband broke down and whinnying to tears.

It was a toggle switch to switch the heated seats. The mechanics gave the cognac as a sign of male solidarity.



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