7 bag of tricks from psychologists on how to stop postpone the case and to finally work

It usually starts like this: there is a task to be executed. Plenty of time, and the task seems simple. You can afford to relax a little. But the carefree days go by, and suddenly you find yourself before that deadline tomorrow, and you have nothing ready. And the saddest thing is that you yourself have already promised never to pull to the last.

The website is trying to figure out how to once and for all defeat procrastination and start to do all the time.

As soon as we allow ourselves to disconnect from the Affairs of the thought that "it's not soon, I'll have time" — expect trouble, because procrastination has already prepared 20 episodes of your favorite TV series or a cozy blanket with a dozen books to boot. In her sweet embrace can hold all days, whatever the number, exactly to the moment when the alarm clock will force you to meet with a cruel reality: a deadline — tomorrow.

Why, if once caught in a trap, we once again find ourselves in her?

The researchers say that it is our habit to postpone the case exists because:

  • We lay aside what is not love.
  • I'm afraid to do well enough.
  • Used to work in a constant frantic rush.
  • Overestimate their own strength.
  • Overloaded and so prefer not to do anything.
The time we spend in harmless "distractions", playing against us. We lose vision, understanding of the situation, self-confidence. As a result, before delivery we just crushed.

How many troubles bring us postponed until later (see "delayed forever") things: broken relationships with friends, a request which we have not fulfilled, unpaid time accounts, which are growing every day, tarnished business reputation, the infinite tails of the exams and pending...

American psychologists Diane theis (Tice Dianne) and Roy Bowmaster (Roy Baumeister) note thatprocrastination is a habit to enjoy the momentary rest, which then will have to pay dearly. And among the obvious negative effects of experts will excrete more hidden and personal:

  • Depression (here it is how insidious!)
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Unrealistic expectations
This whole list pretty able to tickle the nerves of even the terminator. Therefore it is better to focus on how to get rid of the habit procrastinate.

It turns out that all we need is a system to do it. Many people avoid ordering due to the fact that fear of routine or restriction of freedom. But it's not as scary as it seems. And most importantly — is a direct path to victories and personal effectiveness.

The system of productive life:1. Motivate yourself to complete each case.

2. To set deadlines for yourself for each stage.

3. Accountability friend or mentor.

4. Work/study at intervals.

5. The exclusion of distractions.

6. Healthy eating.

7. 30-minute daily workouts.

The most important point — motivation. We will always have things that we don't like, but the level of their usefulness for our development is usually high. So before you take another lesson, ask yourself a simple question: "why am I doing this?" The answer will be the best inspiration for you.

Muhammad Ali once admitted that he hated the monotonous daily workout, but a clear understanding that this will make him a champion, allowed him to overcome the desire to get out.

Employment with intervals of "work — rest" will allow you not to burn out in the process and offered you a tentative date to get a reward for each completed time step. Friend or mentor will help to maintain a responsible attitude in the process. The researchers also included a list of healthy meals and a half-hour workout because they not only enhance mental alertness, but also produce strength of will. And it is the direct antithesis of procrastination.

Thus, you can not only confidently toward the goals, keeping faith in the success, but also to enjoy the delights of regular life. The confidence, positive thinking and good relationships with people will be a great obstacles to change.

Source Study of procrastination
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