Letter to the Pope

Papinka our work from morning till night. Who else but papinke convenient. Here, for example, I need to replace the nursery. Well, that's all you need. Not only that, there's nowhere to put toys, duck and even formed a sofa, and the sofa moles, cats and fasolichi wrappers without number. In short, I have the need and the need I have for a long time. And what papinka? At 12 o'clock at night, on arrival from the service it ustat and no time to baby him. In the morning, it lumps, much earlier than we get and therefore also no time. And in the afternoon on ICQ, alas, is not glued. "Cach, let even today without mozgoebstva" - a maximum and a minimum of silence that you will agree, even more offensive. I thought, I thought, and came up. If so bad, ugly and no time need papinke write telegram with the value - to notify the main, so to speak. Throughout the night, until papa rested and spoiled air gases, as I sat in the kitchen and scribbled heartfelt letter. Text kratenky out, but intelligible to amazing. Even painting Coy what occurred, so that without art, too, has not done. In the morning, I have a message tied twine, a little wept over it (Especially in terms of painting) and went to bed.


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