Fashion colors in autumn-winter 2016! Can't choose the best shade, all good...

How easy it is to get lost in this beauty! Fashionable shades of the autumn and winter 2016 pleasing in its diversity. Approaching cold, but we refuse to accept this fact: I want to dress up in clothes juicy, stylish colors that evoke the mood of the occasion.

Look at fashion colors 2016 in clothes. I haven't seen anything so wonderful!

What color is fashionable in 2016
  1. Dark blue-green

    Gorgeous color! Turquoise, emerald, all shades are welcome. To emphasize the color depth, should choose heavy, flowing fabric.

    The cold metallic always looks expensive! Really want a blouse of similar color...

  2. Orange color palette, to my surprise, the actual this fall! We used to take these shades of summer, Sunny, but a juicy orange and orange blossom will help to cope with the autumn Blues is the best.

  3. Royal blue! Color, from which the goosebumps... a Bit prickly, but at the same time, this alluring shade this fall and winter will be in trend.

  4. Violet and purple — the colors of the second plan in this season. They are excellent accents in the bag, scarf, shawl, strap color will look incredibly stylish.

  5. Aristocratic blue. This trendy color of the year 2016 reminds me of the Raven's wing, which is circling over the autumn forest. How luxuriously looking fur and suede similar shades!

    Fishnet transparent dress — hit of the winter season, for the holidays! Be sure to add in bookmarks of these options will come in handy during the Christmas party.

  6. Burgundy. Hue drunken cherries are back in fashion! Can't stop admiring... his names: Burgundy, Marsala, Burgundy. The essence does not change, the color is beautiful!

  7. Pearl pink. This color was for me a complete surprise! Coat powdery pink hue, just listen to the name... Wonderful, feminine, so soft!

Finally, a little secret: all colors from the palette wonderfully together! So you can not worry about wardrobe, combinations enough, every day to please others your flawless look.

Will certainly share our article with your friends-fashionistas, for sure they will appreciate these gorgeous colors!


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