Here is how to cook any meat: add the secret ingredient to a divine softness!

The choice of a good piece of meat is like art: you have to come in the morning to the market (better to the familiar butcher), look, slowly, to sniff... But in all it is quite difficult to do, nowhere to turn... the soul and the meat is of proper quality you have to choose from what is.

If so happened that you caught a piece of old, stringy pork or beef, do not despair. Of course, a juicy steak from such meat will not work, but a great roast or baked meat completely. "Website" will tell you how to save the situation!

How to make meat mackinawite a number of products helpers, which are able to soften even the toughest soles, adding meat juiciness and spicy notes.

  1. Bow
    No meat dish is complete without onions and onion juice. You can chop the onion half rings, finely chop onions, grind in a meat grinder or even a grate (that is, the prevention of ARI), then mix with meat 1: 1 and leave for a couple of hours under the yoke.
  2. Mustard
    This product is a great companion meat! Mustard (in powder or liquid sauce) is not only perfectly softens meat fibers, but also adds a spicy aroma and easy ostrinkoy. Just spread mustard on a solid piece of meat or just cut to the necessary portions, soak 15-20 minutes, then fry or bake send.
  3. Alcohol
    Dry wine (red or white), beer, vodka. In wine the meat zamachivat pre-and vodka (approximately 50 g) doliwa in already preparing a roast or stew. Beer is perfect for quenching in it a single piece of pork or beef. Concerns about alcohol too much: it completely evaporates as heat treatment.

  4. Lemon, pomegranate, pineapple juice
    All these juices — a great softener, but using a marinade, try not to overdo the meat in it, not to get rubber.
  5. Brine
    cabbage or cucumber pickle is an excellent option, by the way! Adds savory notes and salting a dish is not necessary.
  6. Mineral water
    It is a proven method of softening from chefs with experience, it is better to choose mineral water therapeutic and prophylactic, type "Essentuki" and "Borjomi".
  7. Starch
    Try to soak tough meat in water with dissolved in it with potato starch — I am surprised with the result! Juicy pieces with a crispy crust is guaranteed.
  8. Yogurt
    Mix the dairy product with your favorite fragrant spices and Haley this mixture in meat for a couple of hours.
  9. Soy sauce
    Marinated in soy sauce meat for 1-1. 5 hours and becomes soft, saturated with dark color and distinctive flavor. Recommend!

After experimenting with different marinades, you are sure to choose the option that is suitable to taste. And another important point in cooking any meat: never, under any circumstances (if you're not going to cook polendina or salmon) do not salt the meat in advance! Salt pulls out all the juices before cooking start.

Perhaps you have your own signature way of cooking meat, it would be great if you shared!


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