Life will be easier if you understand these things before 40

Andrea Reiser is a famous life coach who helps people to establish relations with himself, admits that over the last 10 years have learned much more than in the previous 30.

His wisdom, Andrea shares with all the readers.

1. If you don't know anything about art, relax. This is normal.

2. Let go of what is not able to control. It is pointless to kill, if you can't change it.

3. What you see depends on how you look at it.

4. Do not compare your life with lives of others.

5. Listen only to the advice of those who truly deserve it. Listen carefully.

6. Meet up with old friends who have not seen. Collect such company, because it is the best it can be.

7. If you have had a good night, do not rely on a good morning.

8. Nothing bad will happen if you go to the store with unwashed head and no makeup.

9. Experience memorable. Forgotten things.

10. Be confident. It is beautiful and good.

11. Laugh!

12. Always believe in people. There are those who will disappoint you. But, be sure to meet and those whose kindness will make you forget the disappointment.

13. Expectations, dreams and false hope is a waste of your precious time.

14. Don't wait that someone will come and give you joy. Be able to be happy alone.

15. Grudges are not worth to be revisited.

16. If during the day you are someone cheered, so he was not in vain.

17. Say "thank you" and "please." It is always appropriate.

18. Order a small, but very loud little voice inside to shut up when he starts to boss you. He was afraid he would calm down.

19. The office is not so important what you eat and what you working as then, with whom you do it.

20. Being busy does not mean being successful and happy. Better to be healthy than employed.

21. You have no idea what is happening in the lives of others, especially if you think their guesses and inferences correct.

22. What makes you happy, does not necessarily bring happiness to the other.

23. Jealousy is the cause of our bad deeds and disappointments.

24. If you have problems, do not look for culprits. Better look in the mirror.

25. Politics, religion and love are not in dispute.

26. Friendship can end and change. This is normal.

27. On the beach your best friend is sunscreen.

28. No matter what happened and what will happen. Important only the present moment. Don't miss it and don't miss your life.

29. Old photos warm the soul. Don't forget to look at them.

30. Sometimes something needs to be done only because it is right. It is almost always uncomfortable. But it should be done.

31. Sometimes someone else's point of view, better to challenge. Unspoken thoughts and resentments much worse.

32. There are things that just should not happen, no matter how you might wish it. Humble yourself and get rid of false expectations.

33. If someone has a problem, but it is not able to cope with it, and the solution seems obvious, you are most likely wrong.

34. Don't forget about a good sleep. It plays a big role.

35. If you are an important person, he will spend time on you. Otherwise, you overestimate your importance in his life.

36. There are situations when to make difficulties for themselves.

37. Don't get angry at people. Compassion is what you deserve.

38. If something is not relevant to the case, do not torture yourself thinking about it.

39. Change is good. Don't fight them.

40. Silence is the best medicine for the soul.

41. Don't be afraid of large-scale businesses. Break them into smaller ones. You will succeed.

42. Be polite and sincere smile are two completely different things.

43. Life passes you by while you wait for a reason to get up from the sofa. Act now.

44. If something happened, there's a reason. Now it is not obvious. But it is definitely there.

45. If you will be focused on the fact that everything is OK, then that's the way it is.

46. Place is not prestigious and the best for the purpose. Let your eyes and mind will always be open.

47. Don't be afraid to take risks and to use all possible options. At other times fate can not give


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