Race and Beauty

Professor Ivan Sikorsky (1842-1919) in his book "General Psychology with physiognomy" (Kiev, 1904) stated: "Temnopigmentirovannye race belong to the least gifted of the globe. In the structure of the body of their representatives much more in common with the class of monkeys than in other races. Cranial capacity and weight of their brain is smaller than in other races, and, accordingly, that the spiritual faculties are less developed. Temnopigmentirovannye race never constituted a big state and did not play the leading or prominent role in the history, though they were in remote times more prevalent numerically and geographically than later. The weakest part of the individual and of the race of the mind: the portraits always possible to notice slight reduction in the upper orbital muscles, and even this muscle their anatomical development is significantly weaker than that of whites, meanwhile, it is a true difference between man and animals, making a special human muscle. "

Over the past six months has accumulated a good selection of interesting anthropological photo. Spread them with the comments of our famous rasologa Vladimir Borisovich Avdeev.

Very often, the representatives of tribes belonging to

temnopigmentirovannym races expose themselves to the ritual mutilation of race.

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Based on anthropological and ethnographic material, it can be assumed with a considerable degree of probability, that the pursuit of artificial disfiguring his body from representatives of many African, American and Asian-Pacific ethnic groups associated with the realization of their own imperfections structure. It is a subjective perception of their own innate physical disability and forces them to carry out these "modifications" natural nature, because there is nothing self-contained and self-sufficient does not need reworking.

All this, in turn, with all the inevitability allows us to once again call into question the biological value of certain races, because it has already been questioned by the representatives of the entire history of civilization. We do not claim we are only speculated.


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