The history of this girl resounded all over the Soviet Union! Here it is, a real miracle!

Who knows what would be the fate of the girl RASIT Lithuanian farm "Vadaktay" if not in June 1983 turned her life? That evening, she and sister twins Aushra ran a walk in the field and accidentally fell under the mower blades, where her father worked. The mechanism of the girl cut off both feet. The proximity of the night in the village and no phone only aggravates the situation. It would seem that the girl did not survive - do their job, if not painful shock, the loss of blood. But there it was! Even 12 hours after the accident three year old race was lying on the operating table in Moscow, and worked at her feet one of the best surgeons of the country!

The girl was taken to the capital of the Soviet Union with the help alerted the Tu-134, which will provide an air corridor to the point of arrival. A team of specialists, led by a young surgeon Ramaz Datiashvili, met with little patient in the waiting room, and a unique replantation operation began. It lasted as much as 9 hours. After 5 operating hours after the start had to leave Ramaz assisted cardiac surgeon James Brandt and nurse Elena Antoniuk - they simply left the force. Himself Datiashvili continued to sew and sweat blood vessels, nerves, muscles and tendons, is sewn into the soles have been no beginning circulation. So the little girl saved the leg, and the operation was a real revolution in medicine.

It sounds like a fairy tale? Yes, if you do not look closely, the story is exactly what it looks. However awkward and unpleasant details in the story, too lacking. For example, the Lithuanian doctors at the district hospital, severed legs propped girl frozen fish, peremorozili them. As a result of the tissue, alas, I have had time to die off before the operation, and the child was limp. The surgeon who performed the operation, barely able to get to her room and equipment. And for most of the surgeon the operation was thus "make or break" because the official Soviet medicine luminaries washed his hands, leaving the girl in the care of the young and still unknown Datiashvili. Like, right - it is the triumph of the Soviet Union, but no - it will fall, and all the bumps. However, Ramaz not only failed, but also watched the girl for six months, making sure that everything was good at it. And the whole Union is literally filled up Race letters, toys and other gifts.

What next? Then, alas, a fairy tale is over, and began the harsh everyday life. The race was a dysfunctional family, his mother loved to lay the collar, and gifts went to people who care booze. The girl was adopted by a couple fast enough teachers. Even 10 years after the incident Race had to wander from hospital to hospital. When the baby was 8, she underwent another operation - this time on the right leg lengthening. Fortunately, there were no suppuration and abscesses.

Next was a study, moving to Germany, marriage ... Race Now the average person lives life and does not like to remember the tragedy of childhood. She still wears skirts and dresses, not wanting to show the following operations. But her twin sister, Aushra not so lucky. She stayed with the parents, and its fate has developed not so successfully - three children by different fathers. Who knows - perhaps, if it were not a tragedy, race is also waiting to such a fate? And though the story of a little Lithuanian girl with legs cut off and ended happily, but a fairy tale, it is already quite different ...

I marvel at this gloomy story? I admire the skill of the young surgeon? Share with a friend - even if he finds out about this doctor's feat!

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