12 clever ways to rid your life of junk! Now every thing in its place.

Cluttered home is not only time-consuming search for the right things, but bad atmosphere in the house. Often people living among the rubble of unnecessary things, feel depressed and dejected.

Few people know that this phenomenon is directly related to the inner world of man. You should immediately vacate the home and the mind from unnecessary stuff. Today, our editors will tell you how to bring order in the house.

How to get rid of the junk
  1. Attach to TV remote control with a magnet, so you can easily find the necessary thing.

  2. Hook shopping bags on the plastic rings from the curtains.

  3. Use the space under the table to put the most necessary things.

  4. Staple the wires from household appliances with the help of the cut of the sock.

  5. Keep small items in boxes with compartments, so you'll be rid of forever scattered small things.

  6. Put linens in pillow cases, to a long time to look in the closet a separate part of the kit.

  7. Make a small hole in the drawer tobacky and put back the strip with devices for charging gadgets.

  8. Tidy the wires under the computer Desk with panels with eyelets and plastic ties.

  9. Staple all the discount cards with a metal ring.

  10. Compactly put kitchenware in a small drawer with holes.

  11. Keep children's toys in a special organiser.

  12. Small boxes and containers can help you organize and fold small things.

Try to get rid of the junk in your home. Try to throw every day for 5 unnecessary things, and after a month you will notice how snug it will be in the house.

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