What made this girl in his house, amazed everyone! Nobody believed the result...

After buying a new house by Philip Branam wanted to give it a particular personality and charm. The woman thought long and hard over how to bring up the old ladder and make it into a special element of the interior.

The idea to turn a wooden ladder into a huge pile of books came to mind Philip. For decorating, she chose favorite books husband.

Decor stairs
  1. As recognized by the woman, this idea was hard as there were detailed instructions. But the desire to create fantastic interior was stronger. In the end, Philip transformed the 13 stairs to the roots favorite books.

  2. Before you begin, Phillip has thought of every detail to the embodiment of the idea has not cheap. In addition, it was necessary to purchase a safe for home materials.

  3. Matt and glossy emulsion paint laid down on the basis of future books.

  4. But the hardest part was the application of text and patterns, because I had to exactly copy the original roots publications. But the result was worth the effort!

  5. This original design idea , it's gaining popularity among book lovers.

  6. In addition, the decor of the stairs in this style makes a home original and exciting.

  7. Don't be upset if you can't draw, because copies of the roots of your favorite books can be printed on special film.

Be creative and a little zeal and "Website" will tell you a simple and original ideas for interior creating.


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