The transformation of the old house: the charm of the ancient walls

Projects where old houses are transformed beyond recognition, and given new life, are among the most interesting. Today you will find it is such an exciting adventure to Germany, because we are dealing with the design of the 1840!

This building was declared a national monument and was to remain unchanged in color to keep the style of Hamburg in which it is located. Unfortunately, the fire caused by old wiring, few have violated these plans. This allowed to modernize the structure on a larger scale.

Despite this, the talented architects have maintained the charm of the ancient walls. As for the interior, it successfully blends modernity and classic. Get inspired and start a more detailed study of all parts of this project!

Prussian walls and a roof of straw and a pinch of modernity

The highlight in the design of this house can safely be called the Prussian wall. They are structures of brick and wood elements. After the fire it was decided to open one of the walls through a modern glass. With a team of professionals, the house was new and very beautiful thatched roof that is in total harmony with all the other constructive details.

The interior is full of light

From the garden you find yourself in a cozy space with the new Windows. The combination of white walls and painted beams provides a beautiful, unusual interior. Note the luxurious semi-open plan with wide hallway, which is successfully used for home libraries. Dark wood floor contrasts beautifully with the white color around.

Modern kitchen

Kitchen design and bathroom was a problem. The experts decided to make a bet on modern solutions.

The space this modern interior is organized around the huge island on which is a large part of household appliances. Wooden table and shelves are in perfect harmony with the clean lines of the metal.

Romantic dining room

This photo shows the real dream of a vacation in the countryside! The interior dining room is decorated with old chairs, which successfully combined with new furniture. But even this new furniture Olde-worlde.

Around the table adorned with two longitudinal benches-boxes, which still can be found in many rural homes. For convenience, on top of them, placed the soft cushions. Natural flowers in a ceramic pitcher accentuate the romantic atmosphere of this room.

Stunning staircase

Looking at the above photo we would have never guessed that the inside of the building from the first half of the NINETEENTH century! The tree is wonderfully combined with glass, creating an unsurpassed ensemble. This staircase design will appeal to lovers of classical forms, and adherents of unusual solutions.

Well-lit loft

And at the end of our excursion we offer to pay attention to the attic. As mentioned above, the roof was replaced, but the wooden beams remind us of the history of this place. Modern lighting, in turn, is a kind of accent that emphasizes the spirit of the present time. The unique atmosphere of this house will help each resident to remain in harmony and a good mood every day.

Author: Tatyana Vashchenko


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