Old abandoned house was not interested in anyone, until it turned out that he was the only one of its kind ...

House in York (Pennsylvania) was built in 1887 in the Queen Anne architectural style. This romantic style is different from other lots of small architectural details, finishes decorative brick and large verandas. Over the years, a unique house was empty and destroyed. Decorative facade elements disappeared under a layer of dust and dirt.

The new owners of the house saw it as a huge potential, and took up his repair and reconstruction As a result, a house with five bedrooms and three bathrooms has gained a second wind.

Reconstruction of the old house
In such a dilapidated condition, new owners purchased this house. Residents of neighborhoods considered the house uninhabitable until the reconstruction of private houses does not start.

Fortunately, there were people who saw the beauty of this building.

Today it is very difficult to find a handsome dusty and unkempt house.

Repair of the facade has taken a lot of time, but the new owners have tried to renew the color accuracy inherent in this style:. Terra-cotta, olive and gold

a careful restoration, the owners have done and inside the house.

Now, it looks like more than just livable.

The floors are made of five kinds of wood, restored windows let in enough light to illuminate the entire house.

Each room has reconstructed all the small details that convey the spirit epohi.

The interior of each room is unique and different colors .

The kitchen is impressive for its originality. Despite the vintage design, a kitchen equipped with the latest technology.

Vintage stove gives the room a kind of color.

Each bedroom has its own unique decor and charm.

The attic also houses made with the use as a home office.

By the way, this house is now used as a guest manor. A wonderful place to escape from the big city!

Just amazing how the house can be transformed, if there is inspired by people who believe in the beautiful and can see the beauty of centuries under layers of dust.


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