Immediately I read this article if you noticed a plaque in their language!

As if we did eat a balanced and healthy no matter what was our way of life, it does not protect against toxic agents and toxins , entering the body from the outside.

Education slags is a result of vital activity of the organism and is considered to be a normal process. Another thing is that not all of the excretory system copes with the breeding of these poisons, which leads to their accumulation.

Cleansing the body of toxins and toksinovIntoksikatsiya, which will be here for it, - gradual and is chronic. Sometimes ill health associated with anything, but not with slagging of the body Pay attention to these signs of fouling organism slags, in time to take action.

toxins in the body
Decline Force
In what state you wake up in the morning? If your morning every day is not too vigorous, even if sleep was full, and other health complaints is not likely, your body is intoxicated. Frequent headaches
Frequent headaches without any reasons (pressure shocks, injuries and other disorders of the brain) may indicate that the body can not cope with the withdrawal of waste products. Intoxicated blood less nutritious and more dense, it complicates its movement through the vessels, causing headaches. Also, the problem may be in the vessels themselves, which were formed on the walls of atherosclerotic deposits.

The discomfort in the gut
Constipation, bloating, diarrhea - a sure sign of accumulation of degradation products in the gut. A clogged intestines bad outputs stool and poorly absorbed nutrients. As a result of leftover food rotting in fact, poisoning the body even more. Increased sweating, odor
Skin - the largest excretory organ. Since then excreted out of ammonia, urea and other remnants of life. When there is an excess of toxins, run processes, which should contribute to their excretion (increased sweating). But pungent smell of sweat directly refers to slagging.

Bad breath
If the teeth are intact, the problems with the gums is not, and with the breath still can not do anything, just need to see a specialist to check the digestive system. The raid on the language
The formation of white or slightly yellow coating on the tongue during the day - a normal process. Another thing, if the coating is dense and poorly amenable to removal. This indicates disturbances in the digestive system or the presence of an infectious disease. Fat deposits in the waist area
Excess weight - this is a sign of the body's systems failure. People with slow metabolism and waste products derived worse. Accumulated toxins slow down the metabolism even more, a vicious circle ... Skin Problems
The emergence of various skin redness, peeling, pimples - the surest sign that the body is a clear problem with the excretion of waste. And in vain they treat external agents, because the problem lies within. mental problems
Nervousness, irritability, lethargy, sleep problems may be a consequence of the constant struggle of the organism with toxic substances. Hippocrates noted that people suffering from disorders of the liver and gall bladder (the most important organs of the body treatment), a peculiar character. Is this not the phrase "gall character»?

The symptoms listed above - only a portion of the signal that gives us the body. At the same time it is not necessary to grasp at once the rubber enema and swallow a laxative packs!

Suspecting at problems with the removal of toxins, consult your doctor about the need to surrender liver samples and further treatment.

Would be great if friends and learn about the signs of slagging of the body!


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