4 habits that will turn you into a genius

As you know, we're all human habits, and they can be both bad and good. Take a few simple things every day. You will be surprised how quickly can your brain to work.

Sometimes it seems: everything came to a head any bright ideas about solving the problem suddenly. And sitting in a stupor for hours, while clearly realize that it is high time to act. Set aside panic. In your power to take everything under control, following the four simple rules every day.

Seuss brought them Robert (Robert Susa), the director of the patent office InventHelp that in Pennsylvania, USA. The company's mission - to assist beginners to researchers wishing to benefit the world, inventors, artists and many other specialists

. So, Robert spent many hours thinking about how to develop the brain, because we all know: the possibility of it is very, very large

. Whatever your thoughts are busy, this process requires a lot of mental effort. The brain is busy with creation, and help he obviously does not hurt.

Robert Seuss

Inspiration, according to Seuss, can be strengthened. And here's how.

1. Often walk
Regular exercise improves intelligence and memory. Equally useful would be a jog or a simple walk in the fresh air: it will free the mind and fill your head with fresh ideas. Try it yourself!

All physical exercise has its advantages, but it has shown itself to be particularly effective long walks, jogging and cycling. The fact is that when these kinds of activity of the brain is activated such property as neuroplasticity - the ability to change and restore the lost connection as a response to external stimuli. This can be useful in the development of memory, learning, and even recovery after brain damage.

And even while walking, for example, before my eyes, as they say, a picture is changing: there are different objects, immediately replacing each other in the frame. Every new place you visit, helping new born images and ideas, and you - understand the importance and the role of certain things in life

2.. Find a hobby
Our brain is constantly on the lookout for something new and different tasks, deciding that it will perform its main function. Start learning any foreign language, sign up for dance classes or guitar. The brain is vital to be able to switch to a creative activity for at least a few hours a week.

When we learn something new, there is a complex process of complex thinking. At this point, run the basal nuclei of the brain that are involved in carrying out the functions of attention and mental operations. One hour a day, when you concentrate and dedicate yourself useful hobby, will be a real feast for the body mind.

3. Eat brain
The brain, like the body, need a healthy and nutrient rich food substances. This is especially true of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and flavonoids - essential components of human food. Thanks to them, improve thinking ability and memory.

Where to get them? You can buy vitamins with omega-3 in the pharmacy, but a wonderful option would be to include in your daily diet walnuts, eggs, lettuce and fatty cold-water fish: herring, salmon and trout. As for the flavonoids, they can extract from the natural coffee berries, the same lettuce and dark chocolate.

All of these products to optimize brain function and help you deal with your favorite work (hopefully you have it love, as we do). They contribute to the fact that you better remember the conversations and some moments in dialogue with other people, as well as thoughts that are often visited by the middle of the night - usually in the morning you about them already do not remember (life hacking: write them down in a special notebook). Besides, who will refuse a piece of good old chocolate with coffee?

4. Take some time for mental relaxation
It is useful to know and practice special techniques to give the brain a little break during the day. For example, a favorite of many meditation. Just a few minutes of spiritual introspection will help you focus on the most important, and briefly push the problems and experiences in the side. As is the case with walks (by the way, outdoor meditation, if possible, - the perfect solution), relaxing and switching, the brain with joy and new strength will return to work. Excellent performance on a daily, as well as in the figure, affects Yoga: its fans are very familiar with these bonuses

. As you can see, help yourself to be productive and successful easy, you need only a little effort. Alternate different types of activity, exercise and do not forget about the work: it will benefit and the mind and the heart.


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