Water before meals or water after a meal! Finally I found out the truth ...

Water is the most essential element for the maintenance of health, the health and youth of our body. Water is very useful and necessary, and its proper use can help prevent a number of diseases.

Research in the field of water use for the human body are carried out for several years, but until now scientists have been unable to determine when it is useful to drink: before meals or after?

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water during edyVoda before eating
water before eating helps to saturate the body and reduce the number of calories consumed during a meal. Simply put, filling the stomach with water, you have to eat less food. And eating clean water during the meal, instead of the other cold drinks with lots of sugar, you berezhesh the figure of calories. A glass of water before eating cleanses the body of toxins, supports the normal lymphatic system and metabolism, and effectively cleanses the stomach and intestines. The water saturates the body with moisture. After sleeping your body is dehydrated, which is why it is important to drink water before breakfast. And, glass of water before a meal will help speed up the metabolism and will give a boost of energy for the whole day.

water after meals Water helps with digestion. For a long time it was thought that water prevents good digestion. However, recent studies have shown that the water just helps the process. In addition, water after eating enables the body to absorb nutrients faster.

Remember that drinking water is useful and necessary, and exactly when to do it, it all depends on you. Getting enough water per day, you will always be in good shape, good mood and well-being.

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